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Protecting your share of marital assets

When a couple lives a comfortable lifestyle, they may begin to take things for granted. In fact, it is common for one spouse to know much more about the true state of their finances than the other. If you were content to allow your spouse to handle the income and investments, you may regret not having taken a greater role in the management of your family's wealth.

Hidden assets are a big problem in high asset divorce cases

The more assets you share as a married couple, the easier it is to hide some of them before or while going through divorce proceedings. This is especially true if only one of you took the lead in managing all of your financial affairs over the course of your relationship. While hiding assets is illegal, it has not stopped numerous spouses in Texas from trying to do it.

3 aspects of a prenup that could protect your business and wealth

As a business owner, you may have felt fulfilled in terms of having a successful career that has brought you ample financial security. However, you may also have felt that something was missing in your life when it came to personal relationships. Now that the time has come to get married, you may wonder what effects your marriage may have on your business ventures and wealth.

When the going gets tough, the tough modify their court order

No divorce is ever completely straightforward, especially a high asset divorce. It can be time-consuming and sometimes downright unpleasant to settle all the matters pertaining to asset division and spousal support, where applicable. A divorce with children can be especially complex.

Be the lone star of your Texas divorce and hold on to your assets

You've worked hard to achieve what you've done.  As a result, you've been successful in your career, or perhaps you've built your own profitable business. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, your marriage may be coming to a premature end.

What will happen to high-value assets during divorce?

The least stressful way of handling the division of property during the dissolution of a marriage is to work out with your spouse how to split assets between yourselves in the state of Texas. However, if you cannot address this issue with your future ex in an amicable manner, you are not alone. In many divorce cases, especially those involving high-value assets, going to court is the only option.

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