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Child Support Archives

Lawsuit accues baseball star of unpaid child support

Unfortunately, when a family separates, the cost of living goes up. In the state of Texas, both parents have a moral and legal obligation to support their children. Child support laws are in place to ensure that parents live up to their financial responsibilities regarding their children. If one parent fails to meet these responsibilities, legal action may be appropriate. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against major league baseball player Jose Reyes amid accusations of failing to pay child support.

How do college expenses fit into a child support order?

Do you expect your children to be financially self-sufficient by the time they reach college age? If not, do you plan to help cover the costs? You and your former spouse might have discussed this issue once upon a time, but were those expenses included in your child support order?

New aid for delinquent child support collection in Texas

When divorce or paternity results in the need for child support payments to be made by a parent, the state of Texas has guidelines used to establish the payment amount. Ideally the payments are then made in full at the prescribed time. However, the reality of non-payment of child support is a problem many parents have to deal with and overcome.

Military parents can seek child support changes when pay rates go down

Getting a divorce while in the military can have a profound effect on our brave service members. Whether in harm's way 7,000 miles from home or stationed here in Texas, handling the financial responsibilities of a family court order is not easy. The military asks a great deal of soldiers and the pay may not seem enough at times.

Back to school shopping and child support modifications

For many children, a new school year has begun. For parents this may be a difficult time of the year, especially if there are disputes over which parent should be responsible for paying for new clothes, school supplies and extracurricular activities. This disagreement usually commonly arises because the non-custodial parent (who already pays child support) may not want to pay additional money to help pay for supplies, clothes and fees that ostensibly should be paid for with child support funds. 

Former football player in trouble over child support

Failure to pay court-ordered support for a child can and often does come with serious legal consequences. One former football player is in hot water due to unpaid child support. Texas fans of Clint Session, a former linebacker for the Colts and Jaguars, may already be aware of his plight as a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

In Texas, child support guidelines depend on accurate figures

Many parents involved in child support-related legal matters believe that the guideline for child support in Texas is simple; however, the determination of child support may be more complex than it seems. While the current child support guidelines in Texas can give most parents a fairly accurate view of what to expect as far as payments are concerned, for some, there is a lot more to the figures for support than the amount on the check a parent brings home at the end of the week. The full financial pictures of both parents need to be explored to ensure the fairness and accuracy of any child support agreement.

When does the requirement to pay child support terminate in TX?

When a Texas court is considering a child support order, the parents might have a vague notion as to how long that support order will last. The court will base its decision on a child support formula. Any court order or agreement will likely result in one parent having to make monthly payments. If the obligor fails to make those child support payments, that parent will face penalties. However, child support obligations do not last forever; under Texas law, certain triggers or occurrences will end the parent's requirement to pay child support. If the paying parent is not aware of these qualifying events, they may end up paying more than they have to.

Former pro football player pursued for delinquent payments

Texas child support enforcement does not discriminate on whom it pursues. Regardless of who it is, how prominent they might be and how much money they earn, the payments are required to be made in full and on time. A failure to do so can lead to legal problems that will not go away until the payments are up to date. Those who do not follow the requirements for child support will be confronted with a litany of penalties.

What part do employers play in Texas child support?

An often forgotten part of child support in Texas is what role employers will play in the process. With the vast number of children who are being raised by a single parent, the support agreement and child support enforcement will often come up as a problem. For example, a supporting parent is required to provide health care for the child. If the payments are not being made, a method to get those payments is to deduct the money directly from the paychecks that the supporting parent receives.

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