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January 2015 Archives

Experienced Texas attorneys can provide tailor-made solutions

Dallas, Texas, residents would agree that children are very often caught in the crossfire of divorce. Children often prove to be the greatest losers in the divorce battle. They suffer from psychological wounds and an astute attorney realizes that this should not be the price to pay for divorce. Every seasoned attorney knows that in any divorce involving children, the best interests of the child should be protected.

New Year's resolutions after divorce for Texas residents

January not only marks the start of a new year but it also marks the beginning of a new life after marriage for many residents in the country, including those in Dallas, Texas. A set of regulations that can make the first year after a divorce the best year are outlined here.

How is marital property divided in Texas?

Splitting the property owned by a divorcing couple is an issue common to most divorce cases. A lengthy dispute over who gets what part of the marital estate can result in continued bitterness and can affect the couple's children, both in terms of health and upbringing. Judges are usually required to seek a solution that is the least harmful to the children and at the same time equitable in the distribution of marital assets to both people.

Child support services from the Texas Attorney General's office

Those parents and children in Texas who receive child support would likely agree that the money they receive makes an important contribution to meeting the various financial needs in such a situation. Thus, in the event that the money doesn't arrive as expected, such parents and children have to deal with a number of difficulties. In Texas, the Attorney General's office is the official child support agency in the state and it offers a number of services designed to help children and to help custodial parents obtain child support.

Attorney General's role in the Texas child support program

According to its mission statement, the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division assists custodial parents in obtaining financial assistance to address the needs of a child. The Texas Attorney General has the authority to establish paternity of children and issue all court orders pertaining to child support.

Oil mogul Hamm's fortune dips as he appeals divorce judgment

Divorce typically wounds emotionally, often putting into play a kaleidoscope of emotions, such as depression, sadness and frustration. A person experiencing divorce may find it difficult to think with a clear mind. Yet it is important to be level-headed when going through a divorce primarily because divorce also has many financial implications that can wound more deeply and for a longer period of time. The situation seems to be particularly critical when the wealthy divorce.

Child custody attorneys know how to protect children's rights

In a divorce, children are caught in a crossfire of harsh words and often suffer psychological wounds due to contentious actions between their parents. A Texas resident would agree that any divorce has the most impact on the children involved. Children want to be with both the parents under the same roof but eventually realize that it cannot happen. Parents often forget the best interests of the child when they are caught in a bitter divorce battle. A seasoned attorney understands the emotions raging through the family and tries to minimize the damage to children in a child custody battle.

Child support department responsible for locating parents

Finalizing a divorce has many hurdles to make before it's done. Parents fight over various issues pertaining to financial matters, such as spousal support and property division while children may be left somewhat confused about the structure that their lives will take after divorce, which will be directly related to the financial support of both parents. In fact, child support is a very contentious issue in a divorce, so much so that in Texas, the state Attorney General's Office enforces child support orders.

How do you establish paternity in Texas?

In Texas, paternity is the legal identification of fatherhood; it creates an undeniable and important bond between a father and his child. An unmarried man who sires a child is not automatically recognized as the father. Instead, an unmarried couple must establish paternity in order for the father to be recognized legally as the parent.

A comprehensive plan can smoothly finalize a divorce in Texas

Divorce cases are often inherently convoluted and complex. Cases with allegations of adultery, child support or spousal support avoidance or any other financial adversities can become especially vicious. The attorneys at Gunnstaks Law Office have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of divorce proceedings. Their aim is to help estranged couples come to an amicable settlement that may best suit the needs of all parties involved.

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