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December 2016 Archives

How to keep moving forward during a Texas child custody case

One of the most powerful mental blocks that any Texas spouse can encounter during the end of a marriage is the force of inertia. Once an individual becomes mired in the details of a divorce or child custody case, it can become difficult to move forward. That leads to wasted time, additional stress and often increased legal fees. It is important to have a plan of action for addressing divorce inertia. 

Appropriate grounds for modifying your support or custody order

Divorce will bring radical changes to a Texas family, and these changes may continue to impact your family long after the process is final. When these changes begin to complicate your life or affect your financial health, you may consider the legal options available. You may have valid grounds to seek a modification to your child support or spousal maintenance order.

Court rules that one man is not allowed to divorce his wife

The majority of family law cases in Texas and elsewhere have a number of similarities: two parties are struggling to determine the details of the end of their marriage, including matters of child custody or the division of marital assets. In certain cases, however, the issues at hand are less common, and the court is tasked with making difficult decisions. An example is found in the case of a man who was recently told that he cannot file for divorce from his wife.

One costly property division mistake that should be avoided

When many Texas residents prepare to end their marriage, they take an approach that is informed by the advice of friends and family, as well as what they have learned from television and the movies. They sometimes overlook information that comes from the legal community, perhaps in the belief that attorneys are only concerned with how much money they can bill for their services. In reality, however, most divorce attorneys are sincerely concerned about the well-being of their clients, and want to be helpful in guiding them through child custody, property division and any other divorce matters.

Pitfalls to look out for in a high-asset, high-conflict divorce

Being wealthy does not make a person less romantic, and affluent Texas residents typically have the same expectations of their marriages lasting forever as do those with fewer assets. The only difference is that if you, as a wealthy person, decide to go your separate way, the property division process will likely be more complicated, and a high level of contention can exacerbate the trauma and stress.

Man dedicated to raising fathers' rights awareness

Many Texas parents go through incredibly difficult custody battles, emerging stunned and shocked at how rough and impersonal the legal system can be. For others, a child custody case can initiate a lifelong commitment to raising awareness of certain issues. For one man, an unusual court case has prompted him to bring attention to a serious fathers' rights issue.

Handling visitation issues during the holiday season

For many Texas parents, the holidays pose a particular set of challenges. During or immediately after a divorce, many parents struggle with dividing time with their children during the holiday season. Achieving a fair and child-centered visitation schedule is important, both for parents and children. The following tips are offered in the hopes of easing stress and strife in the weeks ahead.

Age is an important issue to consider in divorce

The fact that not all married couples live happily ever after is sad but true. People in Texas who are considering divorce will likely find that there is no shortage of advice. However, no two marriages or divorces are the same, and the issues needing consideration depend on the unique dynamics of the couple. Many of these considerations vary according to the age of those getting divorced.

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