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Month: January 2018

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Perhaps your marriage wasn't always this way. You may remember a simpler time when you and your spouse had the same goals and dreams. Whether life changed or your spouse changed, your marriage is nearing the end. There are options for divorce, including litigation and...

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Is your artwork at risk due to divorce?

As an artist, you likely have worked most of your life to develop your style and to find success in such a challenging profession. Nonetheless, you may have succeeded in a manner that allows you to feel accomplished while also allowing you to obtain an income from...

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Preparing for a New Year’s divorce

For many people, the New Year's holiday conjures up images of happy couples ringing in the new year with champagne and a kiss. To the contrary, statistics show that the number of divorce filings actually tends to spike over New Year's Day. Some divorce lawyers receive...

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