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Month: July 2018

What to do when an ex denies visitation rights

When divorce results in separation from your children, it can be a painful struggle to keep your parental bond strong. You need to take advantage of every minute you have together, and the courts generally recognize how important this is. In many cases these days,...

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Will my divorce become a public record?

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can go through. The unpleasant task of discussing such private issues as finances, personal behavior around your family and details that are even more intimate can be very stressful.In the U.S., however, the...

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Scorched earth divorces come at a cost

Divorce comes at a price. There is the emotional toll of the couple whose marriage falls apart, which can leave feelings on a spectrum from anger, frustration, and sadness to relief and even JOY. There are also the legal and financial issues to consider as the...

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