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Month: August 2018

Who gets the artwork?

Dividing assets during divorce can be complicated for those with large estates, businesses and complicated finances. Asset where there are sliding scales for value generally require outside experts to provide accurate valuation. This is especially true when a couple...

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The science behind bad relationships

Many people stay in unpleasant work environments, stick with losing battles or remain in bad relationships. There is actually a term for this: "the sunk cost effect". The rationale is that people invest so much energy money or time into something that we are hesitant...

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The benefits of co-parenting

When parents in Texas decide to end a marriage, the biggest concern is often the custody of the children. Traditionally, primary custody was often awarded to the mother. However, these days, shared parenting or co-parenting is becoming a popular child custody...

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Starting over after a divorce can be costly

It doesn't matter how much money you have. When you divorce, it makes an impact on finances. Depending on how your settlement negotiations progress, you could find yourself starting over.Looking for a new place to live, trying to make up for a diminished retirement...

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