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April 2019 Archives

Using cryptocurrency to hide assets

Cryptocurrency and digital currencies have been around since 2009. While Bitcoin is the most well-known, there are now thousands of these digital currencies, including Etherium, XRP (Ripple) and Litecoin. Essentially cash stored in a digital format, these assets can pose a real challenge to couples simply attempting to divide assets because they are easy to hide and hard to value.

Mental health issues can affect child custody arrangements

Numerous factors can affect how child custody arrangements will work out following a divorce. Texas courts will want to know who has been the primary caregiver, if children have any special needs, what living arrangements are available and what the parent-child relationship is like -- among other factors -- before issuing a final custody ruling. Your mental health is one aspect that you may not consider an issue that could affect your custody plan, but the court might disagree.

Court-ordered mediation in Texas

Mediation typically is a voluntary process where two parties work with a trained mediator to resolve areas in dispute. While this can be helpful for business partners, mediation is also well suited for resolving family law matters. The family courts here in Texas agree, and judges will often order the two parties to attempt to mediate all or part of a Mediated Settlement Agreement ("MSA"). This approach can streamline litigation and thus reduce the cost and the amount of time the couple spends in court.

The details of the Bezos divorce are finalized

The Bezos divorce has been followed by many around the world for a good reason. As the world's richest couple, the settlement is a massive division of $138 billion in assets. However, the complexity of the Bezos divorce means that it impacts business interests in Amazon, the Washington Post, Whole Foods and other businesses in which the couple has an interest. There is also the fact that the couple, who had been married for 25 years, had no prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Finally, there was the division of marital assets in the couple's home state of Washington, which like Texas, is a community property state where assets are typically divided equally.

Study shows divorce can have a negative impact on your health

People who get a divorce are likely aware of the potential negative impacts. Sometimes, divorces cause angry or hurt feelings, changing a person's emotional state overall. In other cases, there is a significant change to financial status. Very few people walk away from a divorce without experiencing some difficulties to offset some of the JOY OF DIVORCE EMANCIPATION.

Using expert witnesses in a Texas divorce

The circumstances surrounding divorce are as unique as the individuals involved. While one couple may approach it as the end of a business partnership, others end up in court because the two sides cannot agree on one or several important issues. If there are disagreements, it may be necessary to use an expert witness to either provide knowledgeable information to a judge or strengthen a case during the discovery process.

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