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Month: July 2019

Money-saving tips for coparents

There are many reasons why couples divorce, but money and finances are a common theme for divorces in every tax bracket. As they navigate the divorce process, there are many essential details to consider. None are more important than parents drafting a fair and...

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Separate accounts don’t protect your assets

By the time you got married, chances are that you already had your own bank accounts. Perhaps you even had a substantial amount of money saved and a system for paying your bills. Like many in Texas, you may have secured your career and even purchased property before...

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Creating a postnuptial agreement

Most of us are familiar with a prenuptial agreement, but a growing number of couples are turning to postnuptial agreements. The concept is the same, except that the couple waits until after the wedding day. Some plan it that way, while others see a need for one...

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In divorce, not all animals are pets

It is not easy to divorce a spouse and move on with life. Aside from the emotional impact, splitting assets can make matters complex. After all, if you have significant assets, you may not even realize the extent of the marital property you must split between...

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