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October 2019 Archives

Holidays can be a stressful time for the newly divorced

The holidays are often a major test for families with newly divorced parents. The custody details may have been worked out during the divorce with the help of an attorney, but seeing the schedule for the holidays on paper is different than working out the logistics and then executing them.

Hidden assets and fighting for a strong financial future

When you are going through a divorce, you know that your financial future is on the line. Your long-term interests are at stake, and it can be frustrating and overwhelming to find out that your spouse may be hiding assets. If you suspect this is happening, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and secure a fair final order. 

Can parents kick teens out?

The relationship between parents and their children is often the most rewarding and frustrating either will experience. If that frustration overflows to become an ongoing confrontation, either the child may run away, or the parents may tell a teenage child to move out. Families should avoid this solution -- state and federal laws are clear that minors are considered juvenile delinquents if they leave home, and parents can face charges of child abandonment unless the minor is emancipated, gets married or joins the military.

A basic divorce timeline

Those who file for a JOY of DIVORCE emancipation agreement quickly find that the process is complicated. Each divorce proceeds at its own pace, based on the circumstances of the split, the estate's complexity, the personality of the spouses, as well as other unique factors.

Is there anything you can do if an ex won't pay child support?

When you go through a divorce, you know there are significant financial changes in store for you and your loved ones. You may have to find a new place to live and adjust to new circumstances in virtually every area of your life. Making this transition and learning to depend on your income alone can be difficult, which is one reason why child support is so important. 

Was your divorce prompted by questionable paternity?

When a married woman gives birth during a marriage, the state of Texas presumes that her husband is the biological father, and he may also assume that presumption as well. However, if evidence of adultery were to surface, the question of paternity may surface as well, especially if the affair took place around the time the wife got pregnant. 

Appeals court affirms ruling on prenup

The Texas appeals court recently affirmed a ruling on a prenuptial agreement. The wife claimed she was coerced because the husband refused to marry her unless she signed a prenuptial agreement. She also claimed that the agreement was unconscionable for several reasons – notably, she would have been forced to leave the United States and likely would have been an outcast if she had the couple’s baby out of wedlock in Vietnam.

It is wise to protect assets before filing

The welfare of their children should be the priority whenever couples choose to experience the JOY of DIVORCE Emancipation. Nevertheless, it is also essential to protect savings and assets before filing the paperwork. This precaution can start well ahead of the filing as a mutual understanding, or more quietly if there is a concern that the split will be acrimonious. No matter what, the golden rule is to document everything.

A parent may need to build a case for custody

The courts here in Texas typically presumptively award joint custody to parents filing for a JOY of DIVORCE emancipation order. The presumption is that the children are best served when both parents are as active as possible. However, one parent may have reasons to believe that joint custody is the wrong choice. This can leave the other parent on the defensive as she or he protects her or his rights to see the children and have a positive impact on their lives.

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