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Month: November 2019

Is your ex in contempt of your divorce order?

Undoubtedly, the months and perhaps years leading up to your divorce were stressful and painful. Whether you were sad to see the marriage end or happy to begin your new life after the JOY of DIVORCE emancipation, the divorce settlement or order may have come as a...

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Clues that women cheat

Men have traditionally been the ones most likely to cheat. However, the women are catching up with a 40% increase since 1990 in the number of wives who cheat. Some believe that women are better at maintaining a double life that includes an illicit affair, but it dep...

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Protecting your wealth throughout your marriage

Disputes involving money are at the heart of many divorces. Money conflicts often signal deeper issues, such as trust and fidelity. Those same issues can turn a divorce dispute into an all-out domestic mess. Whether your marriage was one of genuine romantic bond or a...

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