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Child Support Archives

What does child support cover?

Texas is like many states in that it uses a general equation to calculate the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent should pay. The formula does not take into consideration the income of the custodial parent, but does consider the number of children, the cost of living, and other relevant factors. Whether determined by a judge or agreed upon by the parents, the idea is to provide for the basic needs of the child or children.

Alex Rodriguez seeks a modification to divorce settlement

The divorce decree may not be the final word when couples split up. Issues that arise months or years later may prompt a post-judgment modification involving spousal maintenance, child support or child custody. It can happen to folks who used to live next door, or to celebrities like ex-MLB player Alex Rodriguez, who divorced his former wife in 2008.

Is your spouse hiding assets?

Spouses can get quite creative when it comes to stashing money away that would otherwise be a marital asset. Typical examples include opening offshore bank accounts, using hidden retirement accounts or deferring compensation. One CPA even tried to overpay the IRS with the idea that he would later file for a refund.

Tips for dealing with the paternity and child-support process

Determining paternity and establishing child support can be overwhelming and confusing. Parents must deal not only with their work life and their home life, but with the often-frustrating bureaucracy of the court process. Stress is heavy, emotions are high and the process is rarely easy if contested.

How can the court get my ex to make child support payments?

A parent who has been ordered to pay child support may not always come through. If you are a custodial parent whose former partner has failed to make child support payments, you have experienced this firsthand. It can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention financially damaging for you and your child. So, is there any way for the court to force someone to pay child support?

How many child-support-related vehicle registration denials have been issued in Texas?

Child support matters can be prominent issues in divorce cases. There are also major child support issues that can arise for a parent after a child support order has been issued in a divorce. One situation that could come up over such an order that could leave a custodial parent very worried is their ex failing to comply with the order.

Finance-focused summer camps growing in popularity

Summer camps have long been a staple of the summer experience for kids here in the United States. However, the types of summer camps available have been changing over time. There are now many choices beyond the traditional, outdoor-activity-focused programs. There are camps focused on all different kinds of interests and skills.

Lawsuit accuse baseball star of unpaid child support

Unfortunately, when a family separates, the cost of living goes up. In the state of Texas, both parents have a moral and legal obligation to support their children. Child support laws are in place to ensure that parents live up to their financial responsibilities regarding their children. If one parent fails to meet these responsibilities, legal action may be appropriate. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against major league baseball player Jose Reyes amid accusations of failing to pay child support.

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