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Strategies for handling conflict

People react to the pressure of conflict in different ways, and it may not even be consistent with who they are. For example, a calm and logical person may become irrational and angry during a high-conflict divorce.

The details of the Bezos divorce are finalized

The Bezos divorce has been followed by many around the world for a good reason. As the world's richest couple, the settlement is a massive division of $138 billion in assets. However, the complexity of the Bezos divorce means that it impacts business interests in Amazon, the Washington Post, Whole Foods and other businesses in which the couple has an interest. There is also the fact that the couple, who had been married for 25 years, had no prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Finally, there was the division of marital assets in the couple's home state of Washington, which like Texas, is a community property state where assets are typically divided equally.

Using expert witnesses in a Texas divorce

The circumstances surrounding divorce are as unique as the individuals involved. While one couple may approach it as the end of a business partnership, others end up in court because the two sides cannot agree on one or several important issues. If there are disagreements, it may be necessary to use an expert witness to either provide knowledgeable information to a judge or strengthen a case during the discovery process.

Divorce means it is time to change your passwords

There are a million details that need to be ironed out when one gets divorced. While determining a parenting plan and dividing the assets are at the top of the list, it is a mistake to put the task of changing your passwords at the bottom of the list. We have recently talked about being aware of one's digital footprint during the divorce process, but digital security experts believe it is also a smart idea to change passwords for any digital account that your ex-spouse no longer needs access to.

Divorce and bankruptcy is a complicated mix

We have said many times that divorce is one of the most difficult challenges that an individual can face. Unfortunately, it is common for couples filing for divorce to also have financial issues, which may even be the basis for the split. In addition, the fallout from the divorce can also prompt one or both parties to file for bankruptcy protection. Regardless of how divorce and bankruptcy are connected, the divorce gets even harder and more complex when bankruptcy is involved before, during, or after filing for divorce.

Fact finding and discovery in the digital age

There is a period of time during the divorce process where each side works to prepare and exchange information for discovery. In the past, this meant financial records, proof of deceit or misbehavior, depositions (sworn statements), interrogatories (your recollections) and requests for admissions, production of documents and tangible things, and disclosure of basic information about claims and witnesses in the lawsuit.

High asset divorce may be easier than you think

The divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos is notable for many reasons, but most focus on the fact that world's richest couple is dividing their estate in half despite Jeff's business interests and earnings. This is obviously by choice - there was no prenup or postnup. While there is a $137 billion estate to divide in half, per community property rules where they filed in Washington as well as here in Texas, it may not take nearly as long as many predict.

World's richest couple splitting fortune equally in divorce

In a move that leaves some wondering if he is insane and leaves others tipping their hat, Mr. Bezos plans to split the family's $137.1 billion fortune in half as part of an amicable divorce. The couple filed for divorce in Washington State, which like Texas adheres to community property law in the state. This means that all marital property is divided in half, putting MacKenzie Bezos's settlement at $66 billion.

Standing Orders of the Court (ATROS) protects assets during the divorce process

You may have heard the acronym "ATROS", and may think the speaker is talking about baseball, but which actually refers to standard "standing orders" issued in several counties in Family Law cases. However, Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROS) consist of an actual restraining order based on issuance of citation usually related to a divorce, suit affecting the Parent-Child relationship, annulment or paternity action. Rather than the physical and emotional protection provided by a conventional restraining order, ATROS essentially freezes the couple's marital estate if any, and mutually restrains each party until the matter is finalized in court or further order of the Court. In some counties these are automatically issued,.   Protecting finances for both sides

Professor convicted of hiding marital assets is sentenced

A University of Minnesota professor made national news in September when a jury convicted him of three felony charges. The 57-year-old man was guilty of falsification of the amount in one retirement account and the omission of the existence of another account in efforts to cheat his wife out of an equitable share of the couple's assets. As we pointed out at the time, the wife stood to lose an estimated $353,649 if he had been successful in his scam to perpetrate a fraud on the Court while he cheated his wife.

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