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Posts tagged "Fathers' rights"

Clues that women cheat

Men have traditionally been the ones most likely to cheat. However, the women are catching up with a 40% increase since 1990 in the number of wives who cheat. Some believe that women are better at maintaining a double life that includes an illicit affair, but it dep ends more on the person than their gender.

How fathers can foster close relationships with their children

Father’s day is coming soon, so we thought we’d share some thoughts on fatherhood after a divorce. Before the divorce, dad was just dad with all the usual roles it involves. Now, the process of divorce will likely impact a father’s relationship with his children. Regardless of how amicable the divorce may be, it is a fact that mom and dad are no longer together living under the same roof.

Steps dads can take to improve chances of custody

The courts are more apt to award joint custody to parents these days, particularly if the divorce is uncontested. However, many believe that the courts still favor the mother and some states are taking steps to fix that. It is also still typical that the mother stays in the children's primary residence even when the parents share custody. These factors can lead fathers to feel that they are fighting an uphill battle.

How fathers can recognize and address parental alienation

Sometimes it can be hard for dads to compete with the connection most children have with their moms. This disparity can come clearly into focus when a couple separates or divorces, particularly if the mother is consciously or unconsciously creating parental alienation between child and dad. While constructive co-parenting should be the norm, 11-15 percent of divorces involve parental alienation. This can appear in a number of warning signs in the behavior of the child or ex-wife.

Is it possible to get full custody as a single father?

If you are a single father, you may be wondering whether it is possible to obtain full custody of your child. Some single fathers worry that the court will automatically grant custody to the child's mother out of a misconception that women are inherently more nurturing than men.

Fathers' Rights Movement gains traction

A growing movement in Texas and the rest of the United States is the movement for fathers' rights. The participants in this movement argue that family law courts should follow a standard of granting fifty-fifty parenting time in custody decisions whenever possible. These fathers--and some mothers--have become increasingly vocal in their advocacy for equal parenting time. The movement came close to scoring a major victory for equal parenting rights this year with a recent piece of legislation. 

Adjusting the paternity on a birth certificate in Texas

When a baby is born in Texas, the state issues a birth certificate in order to document important details such as the child's name, date of birth, sex and parentage. For most people, their birth certificate will remain the same for the rest of their lives. For others, it may be necessary to amend certain details--whether the birth certificate is yours, or your child's.  If a child is born during a marriage, there is a legal presumption that the husband is the biological father of the child.

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