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What is your business worth? You need to know before a divorce

As a business owner, you know that a divorce will bring various significant financial changes to your life. You likely have concerns over what the end of your marriage will mean for your business, but there are ways you can protect your interests. One of the things you can do is to understand how the process of dividing marital property will work and how it will impact business operations.

Divorce doesn’t have to ruin your business

You're definitely not the first Texas business owner to file for divorce, and no doubt, you will not be the last. However, no two situations are exactly the same; therefore, your concerns regarding asset and property division may be different from another person's. It's understandable that one of your highest priorities might be to protect your business. After all, it took you years to create, launch and build a successful company.

Dissipation of assets may reduce your divorce settlement

If your marriage is ending in a battle, there is no reason for you to expect the fight to be fair. In fact, you may have to be extra vigilant to ensure your rights are protected and you receive your share of community property according to Texas law. If you and your spouse did not make a prenuptial agreement, you may be facing the valuation of your business, forensic accountants combing through your records and passionate arguments over every dime and trinket.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Perhaps your marriage wasn't always this way. You may remember a simpler time when you and your spouse had the same goals and dreams. Whether life changed or your spouse changed, your marriage is nearing the end. There are options for divorce, including litigation and mediation. How you end it is up to you.

Is your artwork at risk due to divorce?

As an artist, you likely have worked most of your life to develop your style and to find success in such a challenging profession. Nonetheless, you may have succeeded in a manner that allows you to feel accomplished while also allowing you to obtain an income from your work. While it may seem like a dream come true, you may have concerns now that you are going through divorce.

Stepparent adoption: don't navigate this complex process alone

Texas readers know that family law matters can be complex, especially when they pertain to children and child custody. For some families, adoption is a great way to legally establish a relationship between a parent and his or her stepchild. While stepparent adoption is a family law matter that seems easy in theory, you would be wise not to traverse this matter on your own.

Divorce priorities: Keeping kids' best interests in mind

When you got married, you never dreamed you would one day be sitting your children down to tell them you were getting divorced. Life's not perfect, however. Your main concern now is how to help your children fare as well as possible while adapting to a new style of Texas family living. There are a number of methods to help you avoid major problems and overcome challenges that will likely surface along the way.

Where have all your assets gone? Perhaps your spouse is hiding them.

When you reflect upon all the time and effort you put into building your life and business in Texas, you might be amazed at how quickly time has passed. Does it seem like yesterday when you were a newlywed, with big dreams of launching your own company, raising a family and perhaps taking vacations from time to time? As time went on, you brought many of those plans to fruition and are glad to have clear memories of the journey to your success.

Hidden assets: Winning this high-stakes game of hide-and-seek

Divorce is hard, and it is normal for both parties to have concerns over their financial well-being after the process is complete. However, this could lead one party to hide and inaccurately value assets in order to keep more than what is his or her fair share of marital property. This is particularly common in Texas high-asset divorces when there is much at stake.

Has a high conflict personality led you to divorce?

For years, you may have felt that something was wrong in your marital relationship. However, because you did not feel that the issue existed all the time, you may have shrugged it off.  If the problem involves how you and your spouse communicate or deal with conflict, you may come to feel that the issue has become less easy to deal with over time.

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