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Child support payments in Texas-Part I

Divorce in the United States can be critical if children are involved. They often find it difficult to come to terms with the divorce and feel insecure. In the best interest of the child, courts in Texas, generally grant child custody to one parent and the other parent pays child support and has visitation rights to spend quality time with the child. According to the law, parents have a responsibility to support the child financially.

Applying for Texas Attorney General's child support services

Child support is an important monetary resource for many custodial parents. The Texas Attorney General's Office understands this and it provides certain child support services to those parents who need assistance. If you wish to learn more about the services, you may read one of our earlier blog posts, which discussed the services in detail.

National child-support collections aided by 1990s legislation

Like everywhere else in the country, divorces in Texas frequently take a toll on children. Children often feel anxious and insecure, and they wonder who they will live with and who will financially support them. For this reason and to satisfy the goal of meeting children's best interests, divorce courts in every state provide stability by granting child custody to one parent and ordering the noncustodial parent to pay child support. The noncustodial parent is legally obligated to pay the support.

Texas Military parents, child custody and child support

Many Texas residents serve in the military. In most cases, military law does not follow a separate set of rules regarding family law for its military men and women. There might, however, be certain exceptions and special measures that the military men and women can take to ensure that their legal standing is not compromised in cases relating to child support due to their deployment.

Services by Texas Attorney General's child support division

Divorce affects children the most. As parents squabble in court battles, children can feel insecure. What many spouses do not realize is that even though they might have fallen out of love, their children still want them to be together. It is precisely for this reason that courts give child custody to one parent and order the other to pay child support. It is mandatory to pay child support and a parent who refuses to pay faces severe penalties.

Child support enforcement in Texas by UIFSA

Typically, courts across the United States, including in Texas, order the non-custodial parent to pay child support. However, collecting a child support order is often difficult. The U.S. now recognizes the problem and all states must formally adopt the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act in order to collect child support. All states, including Texas, also have agencies to assist with the child support enforcement.

Attorney General's role in the Texas child support program

According to its mission statement, the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division assists custodial parents in obtaining financial assistance to address the needs of a child. The Texas Attorney General has the authority to establish paternity of children and issue all court orders pertaining to child support.

Child support department responsible for locating parents

Finalizing a divorce has many hurdles to make before it's done. Parents fight over various issues pertaining to financial matters, such as spousal support and property division while children may be left somewhat confused about the structure that their lives will take after divorce, which will be directly related to the financial support of both parents. In fact, child support is a very contentious issue in a divorce, so much so that in Texas, the state Attorney General's Office enforces child support orders.

How can a jailed parent modify a child support order in Texas?

Child support is one of the most contentious issues during divorce proceedings in Texas. Cases relating to child support can become more complicated in cases where the child is born to unmarried parents. Many times the non-custodial parent who is liable to pay child support may also be in prison. In such cases, child-support orders already issued by the court may need to be modified.

How is child support enforced per federal law?

Child support laws have been established to make sure that a child whose parents are estranged does not have to suffer due to financial instabilities of the family. Child support enforcement is a great concern in Texas. Often, the non-custodial parent may try and evade paying child support. Enforcing such child support order thus becomes a matter of primary importance.

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