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Can high conflict marriages lead to depression?

It's no secret that a stressful marriage can wear down its victims through a process of emotional attrition. Indeed, even good marriages take effort. But when the relationship is "difficult" to manage in addition to the stress of juggling responsibilities to jobs, kids, and debt, miserably-married people can feel overwhelmed and can become depressed.

A Texas divorce impacts finances on many levels

When a Texas marriage ends, the parties' expenses will increase while income decreases from two incomes to one. This can naturally have a significant impact on the financial picture of each party after a divorce is finalized. If each is aware of all the financial changes that can occur, they both can be better prepared to negotiate for a fair and comprehensive settlement.

How to divorce-proof your Texas business

When business owners divorce, not only are they facing drastic changes in their personal lives, they are also facing major disruptions in their businesses. The time and energy required to finalize a divorce has a major impact on one's ability to run a company.

A divorce in Texas can affect the marital home, finances

The family home may be the most valuable asset owned by a married couple. Once a divorce is pending, the fate of that home will impact both parties and also impact the finances of both. Texas residents should be aware of the options for the family home and how those options may impact finances going forward.

A contentious divorce in Texas requires legal support

The dissolution of a marriage can be a complicated endeavor. Even when both sides really want a divorce, the general process can become contentious. Because of all that is at stake and how the aftermath can impact Texas parents and those seeking to start anew, legal support is typically needed as divorce proceedings get underway.

Divorcing in Texas? Don't Hesitate to Protect Your Assets.

When people divorce in Texas, the law requires that their community property be divided between them in a way that is "just and right." The reality, though, is that a "just and right" split is not always a 50/50 split, and you may need an aggressive and experienced lawyer on your side to help you retain the full value of the assets to which you are entitled.

Signals that the end of a marriage is on the horizon

Texas couples who are having disagreements in their marriage might not be able to differentiate between what is a minor dispute and what is a sign that the marriage is in trouble. There are signs that separate a moderate and common argument in a marriage and what could foretell the end of a marriage. Long-term studies have examined what could be signs that there are problems in the marriage. These were used to determine what the most negative signs were in a marriage.

Important issues that can arise during a Dallas divorce

Couples in Dallas who choose to get a divorce will have a great deal to consider as the process moves forward. Spouses who do not focus on common divorce legal issues might find themselves experiencing long-term consequences due to their failure to pay attention to these issues.

High asset divorce dispute extends from Texas to Pakistan

When a Texas couple gets to the point at which they decide to divorce, there are many factors that will go into whether or not it will be a simple or complicated process. If there are issues at play such as a high asset divorce, a marriage that involves people of from other countries or property division disagreements, it is possible that the divorce legal issues will grow complicated.

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