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Divorces after 50 on the rise in Texas, around the country

The national divorce rate has been decreasing steadily since the 1980s. But not for couples over age 50. According to a study conducted by Bowling Green State University, the rate of so-called gray divorces has increased by more than 100 percent over the last 20 years, and there's no sign of it slowing down.In the study, sociologists predict that gray divorces will increase to 800,000 per year in 2030, up from 600,000 in 2009. In 1990, only one in 10 couples over age 50 divorced. That number increased to one in four in 2009. The chance of divorce is even greater for those couples who are on second or third marriages.

Pilar Sanders asks for more child support from Deion

Reality TV star Pilar Sanders has taken her husband, former football and baseball star Deion Sanders, back to court to ask for increased child support. This move was apparently precipitated by the utilities being cut off in her home and her claim that she has no money for living expenses. An emergency request to the Supreme Court of Texas pleads for Deion to be forced to make his child support payments. Deion Sanders has opposed the motion. The family law issues raised by this case are echoed in many divorce cases currently on court dockets.According to court documents, Deion earns more than $160,000 per month and has a net worth of $250 million. Attorneys for Sanders claim that his court-ordered monthly child support payments of $10,500 are six times the average for the state of Texas.

Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens to divorce 4th wife

T. Boone Pickens, the 84-year-old Texas oil tycoon, and his wife of seven years have filed for divorce. While they both profess that the split is mutual, questions are yet unanswered as to what exactly will happen with Pickens' $1.2 billion fortune, including two mansions and a private jet. The couple lived in the exclusive Dallas neighborhood of Preston Hollow, alongside such Texas notables as former president George W. Bush and many of the Dallas Cowboys. However, recently, Pickens has been handling business affairs in Texas while his wife oversees various charity projects in Nevada and California.One of the reasons why divorce can be so complicated is trying to figure out who gets what. This is often not as simple as one might think because, for example, not all of the property used and enjoyed by the couple, including the home they lived in, can always be considered marital property. Determining how the Pickenses' estate might be split up to account for the divorce will depend on a variety of factors, including how the state of Texas defines community property and whether or not the couple entered into any kind of agreement prior to or during the marriage.

Irving mayor files divorce using her initials for privacy

The mayor of Irving, Texas, recently filed for divorce to end her 17-year marriage. She filed using only her and her spouse's initials. She did this in an attempt to maintain her privacy. The records state that the marriage is ending due to a conflict of personalities.When a marriage ends in divorce, it can go one of two ways. A battle can ensue in regard to property and assets or a couple can choose to end it amicably, reaching agreements on child custody, child support and asset splits. In the case of Irving's mayor, it was the latter.

Low-income couples choose long-term separation over divorce

According to a recent study, many married couples are choosing a long-term separation rather than divorce simply because they believe that divorce is too expensive and they would not be able to afford paying for it. Religious background does not appear to affect that choice. The survey included more than 7,000 people across the United States who had been married.

Single mothers in Texas struggle to support their children

One of the unfortunate consequences of getting a divorce is the financial burden this situation places on single mothers. A recent article highlighted the financial difficulties single mothers face while trying to work multiple jobs and care for their children. This struggle is made even more difficult when the single mothers are unable to collect child support from their former spouses or partners.Single mothers working in the state of Texas have taken a huge hit from the recent recession. Most of these women were already working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and after the financial crisis, many women had their hours cut or lost their jobs altogether. With limited public assistance available, low-wage jobs, and a lack of substantial child-care subsidies, many single mothers struggle to simply keep up. In order to keep the utilities on and the rent paid, these mothers have to work long hours away from their children, which can prove to be a difficult balancing act.

Texas police officer convicted of stalking ex-wife

Although many divorce cases create acrimonious feelings between ex-partners, fortunately, most do not descend to the level of one ex-Texas trooper's obsession with his former spouse.The former trooper was convicted of a stalking charge that carried a potential 10-year jail sentence. Instead, he was given probation. Evidence was presented that showed the disgruntled ex-spouse had set up a fake online dating profile with provocative content, prompting men to show up at his former wife's home expecting to have sexual encounters. He also gave strangers her phone number, and she began receiving calls at work from hopeful male partners.

Increase in "postnuptial agreements," signed after the wedding

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, there has been an increase in recent years in couples signing legally binding agreements in the style of prenuptial agreements after the marriage has begun. The rising costs of litigation and increase in divorce rates may be contributing factors to an increase in postnuptial agreements.

Can social media damage your divorce?

There is no doubt that Americans -- and Texans -- love their social media: be it Facebook, Twitter, Klout, or GetGlue, just to name a few. For divorcing couples, social media can serve as a dangerous temptation to air out personal emotions or situations in a very public forum with no expectation of privacy. The entire point, in some ways, of social media is a lack of privacy. The consequences of sharing too much over social media are not only professional or personal, but there may be legal consequences as well.

Back to school tips for divorced parents

It's that time of year again -- back-to-school time, which means new clothes, new lunchboxes, new haircuts and new routines. For divorced parents, especially those who are recently divorced, there may be additional responsibilities for getting your kids ready to start the new year.

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