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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Who gets the artwork?

Dividing assets during divorce can be complicated for those with large estates, businesses and complicated finances. Asset where there are sliding scales for value generally require outside experts to provide accurate valuation. This is especially true when a couple is trying value or divide an art collection.

The science behind bad relationships

Many people stay in unpleasant work environments, stick with losing battles or remain in bad relationships. There is actually a term for this: "the sunk cost effect". The rationale is that people invest so much energy money or time into something that we are hesitant to give up on it. This can even apply to closets full of clothes we do not wear or basements full of stuff we do not use.

Your commute could be ruining your marriage

Everyone complains about traffic when it gets bad, but it actually more than just an inconvenience. Dallas-Fort Worth-area metroplex made the top-10 worst commutes in the country. We made it in length of the commute (No. 5 with 54.95 minutes) as well as the stress level (No. 7) with Austin ranking third and Houston ranking sixth. This is according to a recent study commissioned by the staffing firm Robert Half, which collected data from more than 2,700 workers in 27 U.S. markets.

Scorched earth divorces come at a cost

Divorce comes at a price. There is the emotional toll of the couple whose marriage falls apart, which can leave feelings on a spectrum from anger, frustration, and sadness to relief and even JOY. There are also the legal and financial issues to consider as the once-romantic partnership is dissolved and the estate is divided. Ideally, the couple can see eye-to-eye or negotiate their way to a fair and equitable settlement, but sometimes that is not possible. If that is the case, it can end up costing couples even more money.

Estate planning issues involved in getting divorced

The to-do list for divorce includes an endless number of details. Some items are issues that must immediately be dealt with, such as family plans and support. However, financial experts say that there are other important issues that are easy to put off, but these are still important to the well-being of your estate and your family.

Divorced parents must work harder for children to get advanced degrees

According to a new study in the Journal of Family Studies, the children of parents who divorce are less likely to get baccalaureate or professional degrees than children whose parents are married. This is bad news for the 1.5 million kids whose parents divorce each year. It is also bad news for the U.S. economy, which increasingly needs employees with at least a college degree.

Study says women still not making long-term financial decisions

There are men and women who are not good with money and others who just do not want to think about it. Yet the gender pool involving investing and financial matters is far from balanced. According to a new study, men are still much more likely to handle an asset portfolio even when women handle the checkbook and the day-to-day payment of bills and expenses.

Divorce found to be bad for your health in studies of smokers

Much has been said and written about the stresses of getting divorced. There is the emotional duress one suffers as well as the financial hardships that may be part of the new reality. However, studies now find that those who divorce, particularly women, have more health issues than those who are still married.

Why are more millennials saying "yes" to prenups?

A generation ago, if your fiancé broached the subject of a prenuptial agreement, it was tantamount to a slap in the face. There was a commonly held notion that people used such agreements as a way of securing their assets if they didn't expect the marriage to last forever or if they didn't entirely trust their fiancé's motives for marriage.

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