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Tips for creating a binding postnup

Postnuptial agreements can be quite helpful in a number of ways. Some couples look at a postnup as a way to marriage because it can create a solid financial plan that outlines responsibility and obligation of both parties. Conversely, couples who are contemplating divorce may want to put together a plan of how the divorce process would be done, thus mapping out what the divorce would look like.

Creating a parenting plan that works during the holidays

Parents quickly realize that there will be a certain amount of trial and error after the divorce. This even can happen in the most agreeable of situations, but the key is to remain patient and remember the priorities. It starts with creating positive memories for the children. It is best to have a clear set of expectations and arrangements going in. This should be a part of any parenting plan and can help ensure its success.

What to with your business when filing for divorce

The division of a marital property business can be the biggest issue for business owners who file for divorce. Texas is a community property state. Excepting proof of gifts, clearly designated personal injury settlements and previously-held assets, the community estate represents all assets acquired during the marriage. Unless there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, this means that both spouses own an equitable (or "just and right”) portion of the business if the business was started or bought while the couple is married.

What happens to the ring in a broken engagement?

Friends may say that it is for the best, and they are right. However, there may be emotional pain and confusion involved in calling off an engagement. From a financial standpoint, the severed relationship could pose problems as well, particularly if there is an expensive engagement ring involved.

Answers to questions regarding custody/visitation interference

Coparenting after a divorce ideally involves communication between the parents on big issues as well as small ones. However, not all spouses have an amicable split and may experience difficulty working as co-parents even when each should know that it is best for the child. 

Your college-aged child might need these legal documents

For many parents, sending an adult child off to college can be emotionally difficult. It is the first time that your child will be on their own for an extended period. College is the time when teenagers experience more independence, taking their first steps into adult life. Naturally, you want to do as much as you can to prepare them for this important step.

Considering returning to school after divorce?

A generation or two ago, it was common for women to drop out of college to start a family, even as the men finished their degree and went to work. More recently, some spouses (either father or mother) put their career on hold to raise a family. Whatever the reasons, many are finding it necessary or desirable to return to school to get an advanced degree or updated training needed for a new job. Some divorces settlements will make special accommodations to spouses going back to school.  You may wish to consult with an experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney in regard to your legal options before your final decree of divorce has been signed by the Court.

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