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Why would a minor want to be emancipated?

It seems that as soon as a children become teenagers, they are testing independence and demanding to be treated like adults. For some teenagers, this may be a practical legal option. Minors who are in extenuated circumstances sometimes petition the court to become legally emancipated from their parents.

Despite Texas medical marijuana win, challenges remain

Many argue that Texas came late to the table in acknowledging the potential value of marijuana as medicine. Approval of its use under the Compassionate Use Act only came two years ago. As of Sept. 1, 2017, there are just three licensed medical marijuana producers for the entire state, and critics say rules for prescribing the drug are so restrictive that there's concern few patients will derive any benefit.

Same-sex divorces can have unique challenges regarding financial issues

Same-sex couples have been able to get married and divorced here in Texas for a couple of years now. However, such couples can still encounter unique challenges when navigating family law issues. For example, challenging issues regarding financial matters can come up during same-sex divorces.

Prenups can help with more than just asset protection

Many things can make younger marrying couples different from other married couples. For one, younger couples may be more likely to not have much in the way of assets going into a marriage. This might lead some young couples to assume that getting a prenuptial agreement wouldn’t really be that much of a help to them, as they might not have many assets to protect.

Setting expectations regarding social media going into a marriage

Social media has come to play a big role in how people connect and stay connected with others, particularly among millennials. So, how individuals act when it comes to social media can have considerable implications on their relationships. This doesn't just include friendships, but also romantic relationships, such as marriages.

Things it is important for stepparents to keep in mind

When a person has become a stepparent, there are many concerns they may have which are related to a stepchild. Among these are concerns regarding how to support their stepchild, protect the child's well-being and provide them with a stable family environment.

Helping children deal with divorce in Texas

Its no secret that things can get messy rather quickly when couples decide to end a marriage. The word divorce in itself is on occasion enough to induce cringes and bring about a myriad of mixed emotions for couples in Texas and across the country. When children are caught in the middle of a divorce, the life-altering experience can quickly become traumatic and stressful. However, there are steps that parents can take to soften the impact that a split can have on their children.

New rule in Texas proves effective at collecting child support

While some divorced parents welcome any kind of involvement in the lives of their children, sometimes one parent decides to isolate him or herself entirely from an ex spouse. Sometimes, the noncustodial parent who pays child support may decide to stop paying altogether. All parents are required to support their children financially, but when one parent decides to cut off support, the children ultimately suffer. Recently, a rule was implemented in the state of Texas that is proving to be an effective tool in collecting child support payments from delinquent parents.

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