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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Could your prenup have an infidelity clause?

Prenuptial agreements are not exclusively for celebrities, especially considering how they are used and the "interesting" clauses that have trickled down to everyday couples. For instance, so-called "lifestyle clauses" which can regulate how often a spouse's in-laws may visit, which spouse is responsible for certain chores, or even weight-limit clauses are being used in prenuptial agreements.

Tips for grandparents dealing with alienation from grandchildren

Grandparents can seek custody of grandchildren. As we noted in a post April 8, certain conditions have to apply in order for such action to happen under Texas law. One of the biggest challenges that has to be addressed in mounting such a case is the inherent presumption that a grandparent's right of access to grandchildren is not a given. The parents have a lot to say about it.

Family law covers many bases; what applies depends on your issue

Family relationships can get very complicated. So can the laws that cover the many issues that may arise. Many in Texas might be surprised at all the bases that the law seeks to cover. Because of the scope of coverage and the consequences of not being compliant with the law, it becomes clear that working with a qualified family law attorney is good common sense.

Attempt to change Texas law regarding custody moves forward

Texas parents who are in the midst of a dispute over child custody or are concerned about it at the end of a marriage will understand how this can be an endless process rife with difficulty. Many believe that the manner in which the law operates discourages cooperation between the parents when it comes to determining the custody situation, and instead fosters antagonism. There is an effort to repair these family law issues by altering the way in which the State deals with them.

What are important points when going to court for family law?

Sometimes, what might appear to be the simplest part of a family law dispute can be the most complicated. This is why Dallas residents who are in the midst of a child support or custody dispute with a spouse, former spouse or family member should have a grasp on the foundational aspects of the situation. One of the most basic is understanding the variables of going to court.

Grandparents' rights under Texas law for possession or access

There are situations in Texas in which a dispute arises as to whether a child should live with a parent or a grandparent. When it comes to custody of, or access to, a grandchild, Texas courts can award either to the grandparent if the required conditions are met. Grandparents and parents who are embroiled in a disagreement regarding the grandparents' rights need to understand this law.

Texas child at center of custody dispute found in Virginia

Child custody can take on many shapes and forms in Texas and across the country. Sometimes, cases involve circumstances beyond just a mother and father engaged in a dispute over custody. There are instances in which other family members are involved in the custody proceeding. In some cases, the family law issues will extend to a person with custody or joint custody absconding with the child leading to the possibility of criminal issues arising. Any situation with family law concerns requires legal assistance to handle the situation.

Factors that will determine how much child support is paid in TX

Disputes regarding a number of family law issues are not uncommon amongst people in Texas. One in particular that often arises is child support. A large number of parents may not aware of how the state determines how much child support will be paid and what factors are taken into consideration. There are certain basic guidelines that the state uses to make the determination.

Texas law for property division in a divorce

Property division is one of the most common issues that comes up when a couple in Texas chooses to end their marriage. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more moderate means. For those who are concerned about this aspect of family law or are in the midst of a dispute, it is wise to understand the law and how it divides the property of a couple that is ending a union. With a divorce or annulment, the court will order that the estate be divided in a way that is considered fair. The rights of the parties and children, if any, will be considered.

Seeking a post-divorce modification with a Texas attorney

When spouses in Texas go through a divorce and reach a settlement, they might be under the impression that there cannot be any changes to the agreement. However, a post-divorce modification can happen for a multitude of reasons. There could be a need or desire for a custodial parent to move. One of the former spouses could choose to remarry. There could be a sickness that arises in one of the former spouses or a child. Regardless of the reason, having legal help in seeking a modification is imperative.

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