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Divorce can be a learning experience

A crucial thing to remember when going through a divorce is that challenges and difficulties are far from the only things the experience can involve. Divorce can also present opportunities for a person. As a Huffington Post article notes, this includes learning opportunities, such as the chance to learn more about oneself, and the joy of being emancipated from a morass of marital misery.

As a person is going through a divorce and reflecting on the events that led to it, there can be a potential to gain many insights. This includes insights on how a person may have changed or may have NOT changed, and what kind of person one could be once emancipated from misery through the JOY of DIVORCE.

How many child-support-related vehicle registration denials have been issued in Texas?

Child support matters can be prominent issues in divorce cases. There are also major child support issues that can arise for a parent after a child support order has been issued in a divorce. One situation that could come up over such an order that could leave a custodial parent very worried is their ex failing to comply with the order.

There are various laws and mechanisms aimed at the enforcement of child support orders here in Texas. Understanding what these various laws and mechanisms mean for their situation and what options they have to protect their rights and their child's rights can be very important for a custodial parent when responding to a failure to pay child support by their ex. A Board-Certified expert Divorce lawyer can advise such a parent on what routes may be available for trying to achieve realistic goals related to child support enforcement.

An affair doesn't have to be physical to destroy a marriage

Divorce can come about in many ways. This includes through affairs, and this isn't just limited to physical affairs. Emotional affairs can also weaken a marriage to the point where a couple may decide a divorce is necessary.

So, keeping emotional affairs out of a marriage can be critical. One of the things that a person could do towards this goal is to keep an eye out for signs of an emotional affair, both in their own behavior and the behavior of their spouse, so that they can take prompt action if it appears that an emotional affair may be developing.

Postnuptial agreements increase in popularity

Most people understand the concept of a prenuptial agreement. You and your intended discuss your financial situations and determine the best way to divide your assets in the event that the marriage doesn't work out. That's a simplistic definition, of course, since premarital contracts are much more versatile documents and can provide protection for you and your spouse beyond asset division in a divorce.

If you and your spouse married without the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, you may think you missed the boat. However, it is possible that a postnuptial agreement may be an appropriate planning tool if the circumstances in your marriage -- or your perception of such documents -- have changed.

Coping with financial stress in marriage and divorce

Stress can come from many sources, including financial difficulties. Such struggles can arise during a marriage. Also, the financial changes a divorce brings about can be a source of additional stress.

How well a person copes with financial stress can be of considerable significance. For a married individual, it could impact how likely such stress is to lead to major discord within the marriage. For a divorcing individual, it could impact the likelihood of having the fresh start they would like to have following their divorce.

Pre-nups and the impact on business ownership

Whether you worked long, hard hours for several decades to build a successful business in Texas or just recently began your career as a first-time entrepreneur, you're likely to be very proud of your accomplishments and celebrate all the times you overcame challenges along the way. It's only natural you might worry about losing your business if you and your spouse decide to divorce, especially if your particular situation is a lot less than amicable.

Hopefully, you have a solid prenuptial agreement in place or at least made sure you and your intended spouse were on the same page regarding business assets before you tied the knot. Even if neither of these scenarios pertains to your situations, there still may not be cause for panic.

It is Child Support Awareness Month

Child support plays a major role in the lives of many parents and children here in Texas. We are currently in a month where special focus is put on this impactful issue. August is "Child Support Awareness Month".

As part of this year's "Child Support Awareness Month", Texas' Office of the Attorney General has launched a public service campaign in the state. The campaign includes radio and TV public service announcements. These announcements highlight the important role that having the financial support of both parents can play for kids. The PSAs also touch on the services that are provided by the state's Child Support Division.

Millennials and marriage-related asset protection concerns

The millennial generation has differed from its predecessors in many ways. One is in the age at which individuals in this generation are getting married. Generally, millennials have been waiting longer to tie that proverbial knot.

Statistics also point to millennials having a particularly strong desire to have their financial house in order before getting married. A 2015 survey indicated that being financially secure prior marriage was something to which over half of individuals in their 20s/30s pointed as being important.

Study: Loss of a father could have cellular impacts for a child

Fathers play a very important role in children's lives. Not having a father involved in a child's life can have many ramifications for a child. A recent study suggests it could even impact a child on a cellular level.

The study reviewed data from research involving around 5,000 U.S. children. In this review, the researchers compared the telomere lengths of different children. Telomeres are a protective part of chromosomes. Cellular aging and health are among the things telomere length is believed to indicate.

4 tips for navigating social media during a high-conflict divorce

If you are involved in a high-conflict divorce, every room you share with the other person can feel thick with tension and anger. It may seem like a relief to retreat to virtual spaces like social media, but the fact is that social media can be just as contentious as a courtroom in some respects.

With this in mind, we urge you to consider some important tips for navigating social media during your divorce. 

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