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How much will your divorce cost?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Divorce |

Every divorce is different, and the cost of divorce in Texas could be in the millions or add up to a few hundred dollars. The Lone Star State is the fifth most expensive state for divorce, costing an average of $23,500 if kids are involved and $15,600 if no kids are involved for an average of $19,550. This total is compared to the national average of over $12,800.

Why is it so much?

Generally speaking, the cost involves how many important issues the spouses agree upon and how many still need to be negotiated. Filing fees are usually a few hundred dollars, so most of the cost involves attorney fees. The fewer the sticking points, the less time spent negotiating and the less billable time. If the case goes before a judge, the legal cost will be considerably higher because trials mean time in court and preparation.  The amount that one side is willing to spend will usually result in the other side also hiring to spend similar amounts.

Cutting corners can be expensive

Compromise is vital to a fair and equitable agreement, but this does not mean a spouse should go along with whatever the other side proposes. Divorce is one of the most significant decisions one ever makes. Each detail can impact lives for years to come, whether it is parenting plans, child support, custody, spousal support, or the division of marital assets.

The client must protect their interests and children by doing it right. This means:

  1. A review of all assets verified by your attorney, including retirement plans, insurance plans, stocks, overseas accounts, etc.
  2. An accurate valuation of real property, a business, and other assets that increase in value over time
  3. An accurate evaluation of each spouse’s earning potential now and in the future
  4. Other issues unique to the marriage, such as disabilities or extra expenses attributable to any children of the parties

Failure to consider the above issues can mean leaving money on the table that should have been part of your settlement.

Better to do it right the first time

Working with an experienced, Board-Certified Texas family law expert attorney can provide peace of mind. Not only can they help ensure a fair split of assets, but they can also attend to all of the details, so couples can avoid the additional expense of later unnecessary modifications. Getting it right the first time can also prevent the need to appeal the divorce court’s decision.