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An Attorney With An Entertainment Background

From whom better to get entertainment law advice than an attorney who was an entertainer himself? Plano entertainment industry representation attorney C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS has extensive knowledge of the music industry gained during his time as a performer. When clients need someone who knows the pitfalls and dangers the industry presents, they count on him.

GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE handles all aspects of entertainment law and fights to ensure that each client is treated fairly. Call 972-590-6572 or contact our Plano office online.

Offering Legal Advice And Public Relations Services

Being in the music business, television, or movie industries means dealing with a multitude of different people and entities that may not always have the entertainer’s best interests in mind. When an entertainer is involved in a legal dispute – for example, a contentious divorce – there is potential for a public relations disaster that can ruin or derail a career.

At our law firm, we offer legal representation and public relations advice for celebrities and high-profile individuals. When the media gets their hands on a story about a celebrity, they seem to lose their journalistic attention to detail, rushing to break the story without much concern for its accuracy. GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE handles the media for clients in high-profile public relations situations in order to help protect their legal and creative rights.

Spanning The Industry

Our full-service entertainment industry representation is available to a variety of individuals and entities involved in the business, including:

  • Recording artists and songwriters
  • Actors and actresses
  • Recording companies
  • Live performance venues
  • Authors and publishers
  • Agents, managers and promoters

Much of entertainment law centers around contracts and intellectual property. Attorney GUNNSTAKS negotiates and drafts contracts designed to be clear and to avoid litigation. He handles intellectual property issues such as licensing and rights acquisition, transfer of literary material and copyright-related matters.

Contact A Plano/McKinney Entertainment Attorney Today

Our attorney’s background as a former professional touring musician gives him unusual skills and insights into show business. The entertainment business is full of cut-throats, liars, psychopaths, drug addicts and alcoholics. After dealing with such people for years, he knows what it takes to get things accomplished, with or without their cooperation. If you want his legal skills on your side, call 972-590-6572 or contact GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE online.