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Grandparent visitation can be complicated

Grandparents can be caring figures who happily spoil their grandchildren. They can also be an important resource and presence as a “second” or “third” parental type figure who is involved in the day-to-day care of the children.

However, the role of grandparents gets more complicated when the parents divorce. They likely have their opinion regarding their own child’s marital split, and sometimes they will hold the other spouse responsible. Conversely, the former in-laws may have contributed directly or indirectly to the demise of the marriage.

Substance abuse has a significant bearing on child custody

The opioid epidemic sweeping the country shows that addiction knows no gender, race, religion or socioeconomic boundaries. Anyone could end up suffering from an addiction, even your loved ones.

Parents don't set out to jeopardize their families by becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, but it does happen. If you are facing a divorce from an addict, your primary concern should be what happens to your children. 

Telltale clues that men cheat

We recently discussed some of how women cheat. Now we turn the tables to highlight common clues to recognize in men. As we said before, there are common signs that are non-gender specific guilty behavior – including longer hours at work, changing passwords or new techniques in bed – but the clues below tend to be linked more closely to male behaviors.

Common examples

Alex Rodriguez seeks a modification to divorce settlement

The divorce decree may not be the final word when couples split up. Issues that arise months or years later may prompt a post-judgment modification involving spousal maintenance, child support or child custody. It can happen to folks who used to live next door, or to celebrities like ex-MLB player Alex Rodriguez, who divorced his former wife in 2008.

Does Rodriguez have a case?

Clues that women cheat

Men have traditionally been the ones most likely to cheat. However, the women are catching up with a 40% increase since 1990 in the number of wives who cheat. Some believe that women are better at maintaining a double life that includes an illicit affair, but it dep ends more on the person than their gender.

There are common signs of cheating regardless of gender, including shifts in a romantic part of a relationship, longer hours at work or changing passwords on a device or email account. However, just as genders are different, the clues are as well.

Is your ex in contempt of your divorce order?

Undoubtedly, the months and perhaps years leading up to your divorce were stressful and painful. Whether you were sad to see the marriage end or happy to begin your new life after the JOY of DIVORCE emancipation, the divorce settlement or order may have come as a relief at the end of a long, miserable marriage and possibly nerve-racking divorce. Ideally, you would have obtained a fair division of assets and debts, a reasonable custody arrangement, and manageable support amounts.

However, all those elements of your divorce may seem meaningless to you if your ex refuses to honor the agreement or court order. As positive as you may have tried to remain throughout the proceedings, you may have to take action and go back to Court to file a Petition for Enforcement if your ex will not comply with any part of your divorce settlement.

How does your child's college fit into your divorce?

Whether your child is already in high school or is much younger, you and your spouse may have clear plans for his or her college education. No matter how you plan and save, however, you will likely still have unexpected expenses to consider when the time comes.

One major event which may complicate these plans is a divorce. Texas does not have specific rules for handling the payment of college tuition in a support or asset division settlement, but you may not want to leave this important consideration to chance.

Issues surrounding the Sessions divorce petition

The petition for divorce filed in 2018 in San Antonio by former FBI director William Sessions and Alice Sessions, his wife of 67 years, made news around the state earlier this year at the discovery of their secret filing (initials were used).

On the surface of the media reports, it seemed like an extreme case of “Grey Divorce” with the 89-year-old husband and an 88-year-old wife. The petition went through the courts for 16 months before the media discovered whose initials were on the filing.

Protecting your wealth throughout your marriage

Disputes involving money are at the heart of many divorces. Money conflicts often signal deeper issues, such as trust and fidelity. Those same issues can turn a divorce dispute into an all-out domestic mess.

Whether your marriage was one of genuine romantic bond or a union of convenience, the fact is that marriage places your fortune at risk. Difficult as it may be to admit, divorce is a real possibility for every married couple. Without taking steps to protect your assets, you may find yourself struggling if your marriage should end. While prenuptial agreements are certainly valuable, you can do other things to ensure your marriage or divorce does not drain your bank.

These apps can help divorced co-parents

We use digital technology in nearly every part of our lives, whether it is doing our job, looking for a restaurant, communicating with others, or finding a reliable plumber. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that different device apps help with the challenges of co-parenting and divorce. These apps fill such needs as scheduling, communicating, bookkeeping, and even searching for services.

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