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Fighting false claims during divorce

It is preferable that couples act civilly to each other  during the divorce process, but not everyone is that lucky. Your soon-to-be-ex may be so angry and bitter that they exaggerate the facts or make false statements about what you did or said. Perhaps they did this...

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What is a standard possession order?

We do things differently in Texas. This even applies to family law matters. For example, we use the term “standard possession orders” (SPO) rather than the typically used “visitation” or “custody” terminology. SPOs dictate when each parent (or non-parent) has the...

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Prenups can protect your children

You and your future spouse will hopefully go into marriage with a tremendous sense of optimism, but there may be many unanswered questions, never more so than when one or both spouses bring children to the union. With so many questions, it may make sense to have a...

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