Fighting For Our Clients To Get The Property And Parenting Time They Deserve


At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, in Plano, Texas, we often take family law cases that other attorneys won’t. Our lawyers aren’t afraid of a fight. We do everything in our power to resolve family disputes as quickly and effectively as possible while protecting our clients and their children.

Fighting For You

Plano divorce lawyer C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS vigilantly guards the interests and rights of his clients. Representing men and women in contentious divorce matters, our attorney uses his experience, his entertainment background and his skills as a trial lawyer to be a fiercely creative advocate. As one client wrote online many years ago, “He could intimidate a tree.” Such testimonials are one reason why we are known for our success rate in difficult divorces and family law disputes.

“I come from a show-business background. And the opposition seems to find it very hard to guess where I’m going.” – C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS

Handling A Broad Spectrum Of Problems

One divorce is never the same as the next, and our cases are often very unusual. Our clients have included women seeking to prevent visitation by abusive or addicted fathers. They have included men who sought custody of the child because the mother was absent, abusive or psychotic. Our family law clients have included women seeking child support from fathers trying to hide resources behind unenforceable prenuptial agreements and alter-ego corporations. We have helped fathers whose former spouses remarried and were trying to terminate parental rights so the new husbands could adopt.

Whatever the issue, Plano divorce attorney GUNNSTAKS is ready to help. Challenging cases are always considered and often accepted. Call 972-590-6572 or contact us online.

Ready For All Possibilities In Complex Divorce Cases

Divorces often turn vicious because one side is lying or perhaps hiding financial assets. We use experts to uncover the truth. Our law firm handles divorce cases that also involve bankruptcy proceedings, mental competency hearings and allegations of criminal behavior. Championing the rights and interests of our clients is our highest priority.

Even though we primarily handle hotly contested divorces and family law cases, we often use mediation to resolve problems. This is usually less expensive and less embarrassing for all involved. However, mediation does not work for everyone. We are always prepared to fight for you in court.

From Uncontested Settlements To Complex Divorce Litigation

Our firm has handled complex, high-conflict family law cases involving a wide variety of disputes, including bitter child custody and child support disputes. When children are born to unmarried parents, paternity must be established before custody, visitation and support can be ordered. Our attorneys help mothers and fathers prove paternity or contest paternity claims and enforce their child support and visitation orders.

As circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify existing child custody and support orders. Our attorneys help clients change their existing orders to reflect current living and working situations.

We also help clients protect the children they love by terminating parental rights and facilitating adoptions.

Deciding who gets what during a divorce can quickly escalate into a heated property battle. When high-value assets are involved or spouses attempt to hide assets, these disputes can be even more litigious. We protect our clients’ property and financial interests. We will fight for you to receive your fair share.

We negotiate and draft solid prenuptial agreements that protect our clients’ interests in the event of a divorce. Our lawyers also help clients contest the validity of their prenups during the divorce process.

Redefining Family Relationships

Life doesn’t operate in a vacuum. When parents remarry, children switch households and income levels change, it may be necessary to modify old child custody, visitation and support orders.

When children are born outside of marriage, paternity must be established before rights to support, visitation and custody arise. We help mothers and fathers establish paternity or contest paternity claims.

Plano Contested Divorce Lawyer: Doing Whatever It Takes To Get Results For Our Clients

If you need a divorce lawyer who has the knowledge, experience and determination to stand by you however difficult it gets, Mr. GUNNSTAKS may be the right attorney for you. To schedule a meeting, call our Plano office at 972-590-6572 or contact us online.

Luke and Cynthia are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.