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Adapting To Life’s Changes With Post-Judgment Modifications

After a divorce, parents may move, change jobs or remarry. A parent or child may develop an illness. When circumstances significantly change, you need a lawyer who can explain to the court why your divorce-related orders should be modified.

There are a number of reasons clients come to the GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE to handle difficult modification issues. Our reputation as a tough, creative, and aggressive law firm gives clients confidence in our ability to get results. Attorney C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS has over 30 years of litigation experience and fights hard to protect children and parents in Texas.

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Modifying Texas Custody And Support Orders

We frequently help clients with child custody, child support and spousal support modification requests. We handle all of these issues, always keeping in mind the best interests of the children. Some of the grounds for modification are:

  • Parental relocation: When a custodial parent wants to move away and take the child with him or her, a modification is sometimes allowed. We have represented parents seeking to move and have at other times represented parents wishing to prevent the move.
  • Substance abuse: We handle cases where a parent is endangering a child through alcohol abuse or illegal drug use.
  • Domestic violence: When a parent abuses a child in any way, we aggressively pursue protective orders and/or emergency orders to change child custody.
  • Career changes: If a parent switches jobs or loses his or her job, child support and spousal support obligations can be adjusted to reflect changed income, either by agreement or by court order.
  • Co-habitation and remarriage: When a parent remarries or starts living with a new partner, it is often necessary to modify alimony, child support and sometimes child custody arrangements.

When our client is a non-custodial parent fearing that the other parent will take the child and move far away, we forcefully argue for imposing or retaining a domicile restriction. These are court-imposed restrictions on where a child can live. By limiting where the child can live, the judge effectively limits where the custodial parent can live, thus allowing the non-custodial parent to maintain a healthy relationship with the child.

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Luke and Cynthia are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.