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Skilled Divorce Representation For Same-Sex Spouses

Same-sex spouses experience the same kinds of financial and emotional challenges as opposite-sex spouses. Whether the issue is infidelity, addiction, abuse, ill-advised financial decisions or sheer boredom, any one of these problems can lead to divorce, no matter who you are.

There are some issues, however, that same-sex couples may be more likely to encounter, and it is important to have a lawyer on your side who understands your specific family situation and can fight to protect what is important to you.

Child Custody And Adoption Issues For Same-Sex Couples

Not so long ago, Texas courts did not recognize same-sex marriage or same-sex divorce, and in many cases, traumatic child custody disputes arose as a result. At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, we have represented divorce clients throughout Texas, including Collin, Denton and Dallas counties. Judges and opposing counsel throughout the region know and respect that we aggressively protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Allow us to put our experience and skills to work for you. We know these courts, and we know how to safeguard your parental rights.

Whether the issue is adoption, paternity, the termination of parental rights or negotiating for a reasonable parenting plan, we can help.

Texas Property Division Concerns

Whether a couple marries in Texas or anywhere else in the country, Texas law regards assets acquired during the marriage as community property, which is supposed to be divided in a “just and right” manner when a couple divorces. However, “just and right” does not always mean an equal division of the marital estate, and it is important that you have a lawyer who will aggressively protect your right to your fair share of the community property.

There may also be assets that one spouse owned before the marriage, and these assets are typically characterized as separate property, which is not necessarily subject to division. Other examples of separate property include gifts and inheritances that one spouse received during the marriage. Establishing that property is separate often requires extensive tracing of assets, and the property division attorneys of GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE are highly experienced in this area, in which the burden of proof is on the party alleging the existence of separate property.

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