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A Unique Understanding Of Entertainment Law

Our Plano lawyer, C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS, knows entertainment law from personal experience. For many years he was a performer, traveling throughout Texas and beyond with a well-known touring band. He uses his personal experience and his knowledge of the legal issues pertinent to entertainers to help ensure that our clients are treated fairly by recording companies, music publishing companies, performance venues and agents. Our artistic clients rely on his ability to be a strong advocate who will fight for them. Mr. GUNNSTAKS has represented many well-known musicians, including Grammy-Award-winning artists

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Some of the matters we handle for entertainers, artists and songwriters include:

Protecting Your Rights And Your Career

We provide clients with carefully drafted entertainment contracts. We negotiate and create documents to prevent the litigation and disputes that can disrupt an entertainer’s life and career. However, when problems arise, we fight for our clients’ rights to receive proper compensation for their performances and intellectual property. Our attorney is a knowledgeable and experienced litigator who will protect his clients’ rights in the entertainment business.

If you are a performer or are engaged in any artistic activity, contact an entertainment law attorney who will protect your rights and your career through skilled contract negotiation and litigation. Call our Plano office at 972-590-6572 for an appointment.