Fighting For Our Clients To Get The Property And Parenting Time They Deserve

Protect Your Kids. Protect Yourself.

As a parent who fought a bitter custody battle, attorney C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS knows firsthand what is at stake. He also knows that parents can fail to remember the best interests of their kids when they are punishing each other. Our law firm is determined that children will not be collateral damage in a divorce.

Gathering The Evidence

We work hard to protect kids. If the other parent is using the child as a weapon, we document the situation and petition a judge to obtain an order. We undertake a thorough investigation of the other parent to be sure he or she will be a safe participant in a joint managing conservatorship. We have uncovered secret drug use, boyfriends with criminal records and much worse in the cases we have handled. Nothing shocks our attorneys and staff or disrupts our constant focus on fully promoting our clients’ legal rights in every instance.

Dysfunctional families occur at all levels of society. Our law office helps resolve the most intractable and complex child custody issues so that our client and the kids can move on. Contact us to learn how we can help you. Call 972-590-6572.

Custody Variations

Texas law presumes a joint custody arrangement, called a “joint managing conservatorship,” is in the best interests of the child. However, this does not necessarily mean children split their time 50-50 between parents. Instead, children usually live primarily with one parent and have generous or limited visitation time with the other, depending on the circumstances of each case.

Within this framework, there are wide variations, including:

  • Children can live an equal amount of time with each parent, or joint custody
  • Children can live primarily with one parent and have generous visitation with the other
  • Children can live primarily with one parent and have little personal contact with the other, even though the parent may be involved in decision making about the child
  • Children have no contact with the non-residential parent and the residential parent has sole custody, or sole custody

In certain circumstances, a parent may have sole custody, or a “sole managing conservatorship,” meaning the child lives with that parent and has significantly less interaction with the other parent.

Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As children grow, or parents relocate to different cities or states, children may begin spending more time with one parent than the other. When this happens, child custody orders may need to be modified in the best interests of the children. At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, we help parents modify their old custody orders to better reflect today’s live.

Fear Of Trial Makes Cases Settle

Our lawyer has obtained many excellent settlements for clients whose spouse did not want to risk the possible embarrassment of a custody trial. Attorney GUNNSTAKS is known as a skilled litigator who does not give up easily. This reputation has saved many clients the cost and stress of a trial and obtained the outcome they wanted.

Child Custody Modification

Like child support, child custody can be modified when circumstances change. We can advise you about the conditions that will make you eligible to file a petition for modification of a custody order. For a modification or for any issue related to child custody, our lawyer has been there and he can help. Contact our Plano law office. Call 972-590-6572.

Luke and Cynthia are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.