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Aggressive Divorce Representation For High-Profile Individuals

With their wealth and reputations at risk, performers and other people with high profiles need aggressive legal representation when going through divorce. Whether the stakes involve child custody rights or the division of high assets, often the spouses in these cases are willing to wage a costly legal battle with the hope of emerging as the winner.

At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, we fight to protect and enforce the rights of entertainers and other high net worth individuals going through divorce. We welcome challenging and high-conflict cases because we know how to handle them, particularly with regard to child custody disputes and the division of high-value marital assets.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Knows The Entertainment Industry

Before starting his law practice in 1991, our principal attorney, C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS, was a performer in a well-known touring band. His years of experience as an entertainer have given him special insight into the child custody and property division issues that are common in high-profile divorces.

Having been through a child custody battle himself, attorney GUNNSTAKS does not shy away from difficult and emotionally fraught disputes. In fact, GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE is known for prevailing in difficult, high-conflict divorce cases refused by other Texas lawyers.

Divorce And The Pressures Of Wealth And Fame

Issues such as infidelity, abuse, addiction and outright boredom are common factors in divorce, regardless of who the spouses are. But for celebrities and other successful individuals, professional obligations often play a major part in why the spouses split.

Most highly successful people are extraordinarily ambitious and competitive, and it is not uncommon for high-profile spouses to find themselves competing against each other. When such a couple divorces, that competitive drive can easily make its way into the courtroom, where parental rights and each spouse’s financial future may be at stake.

If this is your situation, it is crucial that you hire a divorce attorney with experience in providing strong legal representation in and out of the courtroom.

These are the kinds of cases we handle at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE. We understand the importance of protecting not only your financial future and parental rights but also your professional reputation.

Does Your Divorce Involve Intellectual Property Or Other Complex Assets?

When you and your spouse have accumulated significant wealth, your assets have likely become diversified to a great degree. For busy and hard-working individuals, the details of these assets may or may not be a priority in daily life. Protecting them should be a priority, however, if you are going through a divorce. Your property rights could be at risk.

At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, we help divorcing spouses protect their rights to complex assets, including hidden assets such as overseas bank accounts and hidden or illegal transfers. To do this, we routinely work with forensic accountants, tax specialists and business valuation experts to uncover and accurately value all assets.

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