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Termination, Stepparent Adoption And Foster Child Adoption

Our Plano lawyer, C. “Luke” GUNNSTAKS, represents parents, children and grandparents in termination proceedings that end the legal rights of a parent. Terminating parental rights is often followed by adoption. The typical scenario involves terminating the parental rights of the birth father or mother so that a stepparent can adopt.

Tough Or Easy – Our Attorney Handles All Termination Proceedings

Termination proceedings can be difficult when the parent opposes the termination and seeks to retain his or her parental rights. Our law office represents clients in straightforward terminations as well as those that are charged with raw emotions. Whatever the circumstances, our goal is always the best interests of the child and the client. If you seek to terminate a parent’s rights or you need to respond to termination proceedings against you, we can help.

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No Case Is Ever Like Another

Termination and adoption proceedings can take many forms and can arise from situations involving mental illness, drug use, incarceration, sexual abuse, abandonment and assault. Our firm acts for clients in circumstances such as:

  • A father relinquishing his parental rights so that child can be adopted by a stepfather
  • Grandparents or other relatives wishing to adopt a child and terminate both parents’ rights because of the parents’ illegal behavior
  • Foster parents seeking to terminate the parental rights of the mother so they can undertake a foster child adoption
  • A father trying to prevent termination of his parental rights by mother prior to adoption by mother’s husband

Fighting For You And The Child

An experienced litigator, our lawyer is known for both his compassion and his ability to obtain results for clients in any termination or stepparent adoption matter. Some of our cases have involved lengthy jury trials in which our client prevailed. Others have been uncontested terminations that proceeded smoothly. Whatever the circumstances, GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE has the legal knowledge and commitment to handle your case.

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Luke and Cynthia are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.