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Mistakes To Avoid During Child Custody Proceedings In Texas

To have a better chance at winning custody, parents can avoid several important mistakes during the custody dispute.

When Texas couples who have children decide to go their separate ways, they may be awarded either joint or sole managing conservatorship of their children. Once their divorce is finalized, parents who are granted sole custody take care of their children more than 50% of the time and make major life decisions involving medical care, education and more.

By contrast, joint custody involves both parents having the authority to make decisions about their children. They may also share physical parenting time. To ensure their chances of winning sole or joint custody are not jeopardized, there are some errors that divorcing parents should know about so they can avoid making them as they go through the custodial process.

Losing control emotionally

It is essential for parents to act calmly and use wise judgment if they desire to win child custody. Parents should keep in mind that they are at a disadvantage if they cannot keep their emotions in check around teachers, social workers, relatives, doctors or anyone who might have a say in the future custody arrangement.

Not remaining involved in parenting activities

In many situations, the parent who is most involved in his or her children’s lives has an advantage during child custody proceedings. While seeking custody, parents should exhibit that they want to be in their children’s lives by participating in various parenting activities. These activities may include feeding their children, attending school events and helping their children with their homework.

Criticizing the co-parent

Judges frequently look favorably on mothers and fathers who are willing to work collaboratively with their former partners to parent their children. Parents pursuing custody may be at a disadvantage if they:

  • Negatively influence their children’s relationships with the co-parent
  • Consistently denigrate their former spouse
  • Cannot control their anger during custody proceedings

Although it may be difficult, divorcing parents should try to put their feelings of frustration toward their ex aside so that they are able to gain custody of their children.

Leaving harmful evidence behind

The submission of evidence can be used to portray parents negatively in court as they try to attain custody of their children. Parents should remember that if they are susceptible to sending disparaging text messages, emails or other forms of electronic messages to their former spouse, they could be at risk of losing custody.

During the divorce process in Texas, parents may be concerned about how errors like these could impact their chances of gaining sole or joint custody. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it would be wise to consult with an experienced Board-Certified Family Law attorney to find out what you can do to protect your best interests at this time.

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