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Parents of kidnapped boy participating in therapy with son

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2012 | Child Custody |

After spending eight years in seclusion after he was abducted, a Texas boy who was found in March will remain under foster home care as his parents struggle to regain child custody. The 8-year-old boy will have to undergo rehabilitation sessions with his parents before the courts give a directive on the fate of the boy’s legal custody. The boy’s former babysitter and the babysitter’s mother are behind bars; they are charged with kidnapping him.

A federal court judge ruled that the youngster would continue living in a foster home while attending therapy together with his parents, for an undisclosed period. However, the child custody proceedings will be deliberated further, following the judge’s directive to have another hearing set for January.

In another development, the boy’s attorney has confirmed a positive affiliation between the youngster and his parents as the sessions continue. However, the boy is said to exhibit signs of apprehension. The attorney was quick to agree that even though the therapy sessions were successful, the process would go on for some time.

Officials say the alleged kidnappers held the boy out of school and did not use his real name. Representatives from the Child Protection Services maintain that the key objective in this case is to preserve the best interests of the child. This will allow the boy to finally reunite with his real family, who say they are eagerly waiting for the reunion.

It will be interesting to see how the courts make a ruling in a matter that most people want to see concluded without causing too much trauma for both the family and the boy. Family law attorneys fill important roles as intermediaries who can help families navigate highly charged issues.

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