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Single mothers in Texas struggle to support their children

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2012 | Child Support |

One of the unfortunate consequences of getting a divorce is the financial burden this situation places on single mothers. A recent article highlighted the financial difficulties single mothers face while trying to work multiple jobs and care for their children. This struggle is made even more difficult when the single mothers are unable to collect child support from their former spouses or partners.

Single mothers working in the state of Texas have taken a huge hit from the recent recession. Most of these women were already working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and after the financial crisis, many women had their hours cut or lost their jobs altogether. With limited public assistance available, low-wage jobs, and a lack of substantial child-care subsidies, many single mothers struggle to simply keep up. In order to keep the utilities on and the rent paid, these mothers have to work long hours away from their children, which can prove to be a difficult balancing act.

Raising a child requires that both parents contribute regularly to their financial needs. When one parent fails to help with everyday expenses, it can be difficult for the family to stay solvent. Failure to pay child support that has been ordered by a court carries serious consequences for the delinquent parent and can lead to single parents struggling with multiple jobs.

Deciding the terms of child support payments can be one of the more contentious issues when going through a divorce. The issue can extend even after the divorce has been finalized if the other party fails to pay their portion of the court ordered financial support. Further legal action may be necessary to ensure that the children involved in the divorce are provided for appropriately.

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