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Irving mayor files divorce using her initials for privacy

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2012 | Divorce |

The mayor of Irving, Texas, recently filed for divorce to end her 17-year marriage. She filed using only her and her spouse’s initials. She did this in an attempt to maintain her privacy. The records state that the marriage is ending due to a conflict of personalities.

When a marriage ends in divorce, it can go one of two ways. A battle can ensue in regard to property and assets or a couple can choose to end it amicably, reaching agreements on child custody, child support and asset splits. In the case of Irving’s mayor, it was the latter.

While it is not common to use initials for filing a divorce, there are exceptions to the rule. It can be allowed, particularly when one of the persons involved is a prominent figure in the community. The legal office that files the divorce can use initials to identify the parties; however, a judge is allowed to make changes after the suit is filed.

Divorces can be complicated manners, especially with a high-profile couple. While lawyers cannot enforce any of the legal conventions, they are there to ensure the couple is taken care of in every regard.

Reportedly, the mayor and her husband expect to reach mutual agreements in regard to child custody and property division. A couple may not always be able to do this, which is when it’s even more important for a lawyer to step in to assist.

Couples need to understand that legal representation can make it easier to file for a divorce. There are various things to contend with including privacy and proper division of property. When children are involved, it’s also necessary to focus on co-parenting plans and child support.

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