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Texas program helping to reduce child support delinquency

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2012 | Child Support |

The Texas Attorney General’s office has been cracking down on parents who are delinquent on their child support payments. Many parents have been forced to serve jail time, and one Texas program is seeking to change that. The Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) program at Workforce Solutions assists delinquent parents in finding employment so they can meet their financial obligations to their children.

Workforce Solutions, which serves the Rio Grande Valley, is one of 28 workforce boards across the state of Texas. It and 16 other workforce boards participate in the NCP program, and it is the state’s top performer. Since 2005, the program has helped to collect more than $10 million in delinquent payments.

A non-custodial parent who is delinquent on child support payments may be ordered by the court to participate in the program as a condition of release from jail or in order to avoid jail time. Parents attend classes and receive help preparing their resumes and applying for jobs online. An important part of the program is building parents’ confidence so they are better able to find employment and become responsible parents to their children.

Parents who are having difficulty with child support may benefit from consultation with an experienced child support attorney. The attorney can review both parents’ sources of income to determine the correct amount that should be paid by the non-custodial parent under Texas child support guidelines. If one or both parents’ circumstances have changed significantly, the attorney also can help assess if modification of a prior child support order would be appropriate.

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