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Divorce case heats up after August brawl

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2013 | Divorce |

Last month, entertainer Randy Travis pleaded not guilty to assault after an August altercation in a Dallas-area church parking lot with his fiancé’s estranged spouse and brother. Now, Travis has filed a lawsuit against the men, claiming the two schemed with others to physically injure him, his fiancé and her 17-year-old daughter in order to gain leverage in a pending divorce case as well as to harass and humiliate Travis. Attorneys for Travis filed the nine-page complaint last week seeking damages for bodily injury and civil conspiracy.

The brawl occurred after Travis, his fiancé and her daughter drove to the church to pick up the fiancé’s 15-year-old son following his return from summer camp. The lawsuit alleges the fiancé’s spouse and brother were there waiting and proceeded to accost the fiancé and her daughter. The suit further alleges that after Travis went to the women’s aid, her brother pinned him to the ground while the spouse called a police officer he had pre-arranged to be available. When the officer arrived, Travis was arrested and issued a citation for assault.

This specific case illustrates how the divorce process can become emotional for the parties involved. There are a multitude of matters that must be settled before a divorce can be finalized. Parents must settle child custody and child support matters. Couples with or without children must settle property division matters as well.

Because a divorce can be challenging at times, couples in Texas and others elsewhere would be wise to work with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney will work towards solutions that are fair for everyone involved.

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