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Avoiding unnecessary mistakes during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | Divorce |

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience. As a result of the stress involved, couples make mistakes that otherwise might be avoided. Texas couples contemplating divorce should be aware of some of the most common and devastating mistakes that can occur during divorces.

According to one expert, couples should avoid making decisions without first taking the time necessary to fully understand the implications of any decision. They can obtain ample reading material and free or paid consultations with various professionals such as attorneys, mediators and divorce coaches. They shouldn’t let someone else make decisions or take advice from a friend. Since it’s the couple alone who will be the ones to suffer from a bad decision, they should be as fully informed and involved in the proceedings as possible.

Spouses should also avoid losing control of a divorce by acting out of anger or by allowing an attorney to make decisions without first fully explaining the decision. If a divorce spirals out of control, it won’t be the attorney who will have to pay the price. It will be the husband or wife.

In terms of property divisions and alimony, a settlement should never be too high or too low. Each partner should never underestimate his or her monetary needs or ability to pay when it comes to living comfortably or for making support payments.

Because Texas is a community property state, all assets and debts acquired by the couple during the course of their marriage are subject to division during a divorce. Some couples may be surprised to learn they’re responsible for debts previously unknown to them. It’s always considered prudent to consult with an experienced family attorney. An attorney may be able to intelligently draft a settlement agreement fair to both parties and also be acceptable to the court.

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