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Grandparents’ rights asserted in child abuse case

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | Child Custody |

In Dallas and across the state, when there are children involved in a proceeding about child custody, the main focus is the best interests of the child. When child custody rights are in dispute, numerous people could be involved. If there are accusations of abuse or failing to live up to the necessary standard of care for a child, the battle over child custody can involve various factors and be difficult to navigate.

A mother who was accused of child abuse of her child and step-children is trying to get custody of her six-month-old infant and the other children back. This is a criminal matter and also a case in which grandparents’ rights are coming to the forefront as the woman’s parents are requesting custody of the children. The woman and her husband are estranged. They were arrested earlier this year for endangering their children. In one instance, a 5-year-old boy was kept in the closet wearing a diaper. The newborn was taken from the woman immediately after birth. The dispute in criminal and family court is ongoing.

While most child custody disagreements might be contentious, the one thing that is in common is that the parents want the child to be cared for properly. In some instances, there is an amicable agreement as to where the child will live, how much will be paid by the supporting parent and how visitation will be decided. In others, the couple is battling over everything, even whether or not the alleged father is actually the paternal father of the child. Then there are the extreme cases when there is abuse and a grandparent is seeking custody by asserting grandparents’ rights. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s imperative to have the proper legal foundation to end a child custody dispute favorably.

In this case, there are accusations of extreme child abuse. The mother of the newborn and step-mother to numerous other children is trying to handle a criminal case and a custody situation simultaneously while her parents would like to take and care for the children. While most cases don’t reach this extreme, it’s important for all people involved in a child custody dispute to have their case handled by an experienced attorney.

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