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How to handle fathers’ rights cases in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

In Texas, there are often circumstances in which a child’s paternity is in question. This could be for a variety of reasons and have numerous possible outcomes. It is often in the news how a famous or wealthy person is accused of fathering a child that he refuses to pay for. In other instances, custody issues come to the forefront and the paternity must be determined via paternity test.

There are times in which there is a dispute as to who the actual father of the child is. When this happens, the court will often order that a DNA test be given to prove it one way or the other. This test is done through swabs inside the cheek of both the alleged father and the child to identify whether or not the man is the biological parent. Many situations crop up that lead to fathers’ rights disputes. For example, if the husband believes that his wife had an affair and became pregnant with another man’s child, having a paternity test is a way to solve the matter once and for all.

Sometimes a man doesn’t know that he has a child or refuses to pay child support for the child. The mother will want to have a paternity test so she can pursue the man to pay for the child’s care. If there is a custody disagreement and the mother alleges that the man is not the father, the test can prove it either way. A child might want to have it known as to whether or not a man is the father. Or a man may be refusing to pay child support and the legal system is trying to justify or dismiss a case for failure to pay child support.

The reasons are diverse and can have many caveats. When there is an issue at hand as to whether a man is the father of a child and wants closure or if there is a woman who is alleging that the man is the father of a child he denies, the one universal truth is that legal assistance can help with the process. Knowing one’s rights and how to move forward in situations such as these can make it much easier for everyone. Speaking with a qualified legal professional with experience in fathers’ rights cases can make all the difference.