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Parent Locator Service can help find missing parents in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Child Support |

Courts across the great state of Texas are very concerned about the best interest of a child in the event of divorce. Strict provisions, including jail time for delinquent payments, are enforced on child support orders to ensure that a child does not suffer due to divorce. Child support includes everyday expenses as well medical expenses when are incurred to meet the healthcare needs of a child.

Residents of Dallas may know that despite various existing provisions for implementing child support orders, a custodial parent may not be receiving these payments, which, in turn, affects the lifestyle of a child by denying the child his or her legal right to financial support. One of the reasons for non-payment could be inability of a custodial parent to locate a parent ordered to pay child support.

With the help of a Texas program called “The State Parent Locator Service,” a custodial parent with physical possession of a child or children can seek help in locating a missing parent. Although this service does not guarantee locating the missing parent, it can certainly help obtain the latest information about the missing parent by using employment and address information from state and federal records.

This service can be also be used to establish paternity per a court order, establish child or medical support, collect support as ordered by a court and enforce a court order for custody or visitation. However, it is important to remember that this service cannot verify or investigate obtained information; it only supplies it.

A person need not actually have traditional custody of a child in order to use this system. Non-parental guardians of children can also use this system to help them collect child support. Even without a court order awarding custody, a person who is actually caring for the children may also be able to use this helpful program under certain circumstances.

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