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How is child support enforced per federal law?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Child Support |

Child support laws have been established to make sure that a child whose parents are estranged does not have to suffer due to financial instabilities of the family. Child support enforcement is a great concern in Texas. Often, the non-custodial parent may try and evade paying child support. Enforcing such child support order thus becomes a matter of primary importance.

Child support orders are normally enforced by the Texas Department of Child Support. However under special circumstances, the federal government may also be involved in child support enforcement. For these exceptional cases of child support enforcement, the Child Support Recovery Act was enacted. The purpose of the act was to dissuade parents from non-payment of child support obligations.

The act found limited amount of success in the area of child support enforcement however. Critiques of the Act found that simple misdemeanor charges as framed by the act were not enough of a deterrent to delinquent non-custodial parents. This was corrected by enacting the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. The act enacted new provisions of federal felonies for violators of child support payments.

As the name suggests, the act was established to deter all non-custodial parents who voluntarily try and evade child support payment. Non-custodial parents who are found to have violated such a law can face heavy fines as well as incarceration for the federal offense. A custodial parent who is unable to maintain the child financially may go to the authorities to enforce child support orders. One may find it beneficial to consult legal professional help in order to get justice for their child.

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