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A comprehensive plan can smoothly finalize a divorce in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce cases are often inherently convoluted and complex. Cases with allegations of adultery, child support or spousal support avoidance or any other financial adversities can become especially vicious. The attorneys at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of divorce proceedings. Their aim is to help estranged couples come to an amicable settlement that may best suit the needs of all parties involved.

Formulating the best strategy may be key in reaching an amicable settlement in any divorce proceeding. The firm has noticed from years of practice in the courtroom that many estranged couples let bitterness take over the divorce proceeding. Unresolved negative issues between estranged spouses may lead to one party resorting to lying or leveling unwarranted accusations. Devising a strategy or plan with experienced legal professionals to combat these issues may help in such cases.

Divorces relating to cases where marital wealth is substantial can be complicated. Property division is often a complex and convoluted procedure especially when one or more assets hold an emotional value to one of the estranged spouses. Divorce cases can also become bitter when one spouse allegedly hides assets in a divorce case in order to avoid child support payment or alimony. Having experience lawyers who are able to investigate such allegations can be very helpful.

The attorneys at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE are equipped with years of knowledge in the practice area of family law and divorce cases. Aggressive lawyering and strategizing has helped many clients attain the best options available. Our firm has also helped many couples who prefer going through alternate dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation to settle terms of a divorce.