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Child support services from the Texas Attorney General’s office

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Child Support |

Those parents and children in Texas who receive child support would likely agree that the money they receive makes an important contribution to meeting the various financial needs in such a situation. Thus, in the event that the money doesn’t arrive as expected, such parents and children have to deal with a number of difficulties. In Texas, the Attorney General’s office is the official child support agency in the state and it offers a number of services designed to help children and to help custodial parents obtain child support.

For example, the office may be able to assist in locating a non-custodial parent who owes child support. The Attorney General’s office can also help parents to establish paternity. Additionally, it assists parents with establishing and enforcing all support orders issued by the court. The office is also empowered to review and adjust child support amounts and collection and distribution, according to court orders.

According to its mission statement, the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support division offers all services and conducts all activities in order to provide adequate support for children ensuring the timely collection of child support and providing top-quality customer service. In addition to providing services, the Texas Attorney General’s office also enforces the rights and responsibilities of the parents.

According to the Attorney General’s Child Support Division, custodial parents have certain rights when working with them. The office will protect the confidentiality of those they assist, and will do so in a timely and professional manner. It will not turn away anyone who comes its way for help. On the other hand, though, parents have some responsibilities. For example, the office will ask that parents provide all documents associated with their specific requests, and that they attend all hearing. It is also important that the office be notified of changes in address or phone numbers so that they may have current contact information.

While engaging the Attorney General’s office can be helpful, private legal counsel can also aid in understanding the child support system and working to obtain a positive outcome for children in need of support.

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