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Dallas, Texas, residents would agree that children are very often caught in the crossfire of divorce. Children often prove to be the greatest losers in the divorce battle. They suffer from psychological wounds and an astute attorney realizes that this should not be the price to pay for divorce. Every seasoned attorney knows that in any divorce involving children, the best interests of the child should be protected.

At GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE, attorneys work hard to protect the children’s rights. In the event that one parent is using the child as a weapon, our child custody attorneys can complete the necessary paperwork and obtain a stay order from the judge. The attorney also conducts thorough research of the other parent in order to determine if the other parent qualifies for joint managing conservatorship. In fact, Texas attorneys often unravel unsavory truths about boyfriends, secret drug abuse and so on. This information helps to protect the client during the divorce proceeding.

A seasoned attorney also understands that dysfunctional families exist at every level in society. The attorney should be able to solve the most complex child custody issues and help both the parent and the child to get a fresh start in life.

In Texas, it is often assumed that the best child custody arrangement is joint managing conservatorship. There are several options within this type of the child custody framework: the first option is one in which the child spends equal quality time with each parent; second, the child lives with one parent, and the other parent has adequate visitation rights; third, the child has little contact with the other parent. An experienced attorney will be able to help a person figure out their child custody options and come up with a solution tailored to the family’s needs.