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Services by Texas Attorney General’s child support division

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2015 | Child Support |

Divorce affects children the most. As parents squabble in court battles, children can feel insecure. What many spouses do not realize is that even though they might have fallen out of love, their children still want them to be together. It is precisely for this reason that courts give child custody to one parent and order the other to pay child support. It is mandatory to pay child support and a parent who refuses to pay faces severe penalties.

The child support department of the Texas Attorney General enforces child support on behalf of the parents. The TAG also establishes a child’s paternity and enforces court orders for medical and financial support. The child support division takes applications from any parent who requests the service. However, the TAG attorneys do not represent any parent; they represent only the state.

Persons who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Medicaid get child support automatically. They do not have to apply for child support services. Those who are not eligible for TANF need to apply for child support services. They do not have to pay any fee for applying for these services. From 2011, any custodial parent, who is not eligible for TANF, will have to pay $25 every year if the parent receives $500 in child support. A custodial parent who receives more than one payment will have to pay the fee for more than one child.

The child support division has offices throughout Texas and anyone may apply for these services. A parent can apply for the services by calling the office. However, if a parent is unable to resolve all issues pertaining to child support, it may be wise to seek legal assistance.

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