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Short-term marriages and quick divorces have many causes

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Divorce |

Most people think marriages that fail quickly-within months or a couple of years-are primarily a problem for celebrities. In fact, many ordinary Americans, including Texans, are divorcing soon after marriage. There is no one single reason for these quick and abrupt divorces. Some follow sudden courtships, and others follow long relationships. The reasons for divorce are as varied as the reasons couples marry.

In the great majority of cases, couples ignored underlying differences or consciously or unconsciously thought they would be resolved if only the couple married and lived under the same roof. Basic incompatibilities, however, can never be resolved easily and frequently mean divorce.

Consider the woman who married a man after 4 years of courtship despite her own reservations and warnings from friends. Six months later, her husband started cheating. She forgave him, but when he forgot their first anniversary because he was out cheating again, it was too much and she decided to divorce.

Or consider the case of the man who married the woman he loved and then saw her change into someone he no longer knew. She refused to pay bills, began staying out all night, allegedly got mugged and needed his credit card numbers, which she then abused. After eight years together, she suddenly left, telling her husband that she had met someone at a bar.

Finally, there is the Facebook romance of an American woman who wed a Scottish man shortly after meeting online. She soon found out he was deeply in debt and an inveterate womanizer.

Sometimes it is abuse that leads to quick divorce. Sometimes it is drugs. Sometimes the failed expectations of pregnancy or domestic bliss end a marriage. Regardless of the reason behind it, divorce is often the only solution to an intensely painful and dysfunctional marriage.

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