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Texas lawyers further the rights of fathers

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

With more and more Texas residents having children out of wedlock, paternity issues have become a major cause of concern in the courts. In some cases where the minor child is born to parents who are sure of the paternity of the child, the unwed father may voluntarily acknowledge paternity. Cases like this are easy to deal with. However, disputes regarding paternity may complicate the situation.

The attorneys at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE have worked on paternity lawsuits for decades. In many cases, the mother may wish to establish paternity in order to receive child support. Juxtaposed in other cases, many Texas celebrities or wealthy men may be sued for paternity cases by women who essentially target them for their wealth.

Other potential reasons for a paternity lawsuit may also include married men who dispute paternity or claim that the child is not theirs. However, with the advance of fathers’ rights, in many cases men may be able to sue the mother of their alleged minor children. There are cases where the father may wish to establish paternity in order to claim the child as his own and be an active and crucial part of the child’s life.

There may even be paternity lawsuits filed by the children themselves who wish to determine their biological father.

One of the most vital stages of a paternity lawsuit is the aftermath. If paternity is established, child support as well as the child custody order may need to be modified. Additionally, the official documents may also need to be modified in order to incorporate the new name of the child. With their years of experience, the attorneys at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE will always do their best to help their client no matter what the situation.